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— A
- J
e w i s h
o o k s
M a n k o w i t z , W o l f .
Cockatrice. London, Longmans, 1963. 192
p .
Novel about the film industry.
M e a d m o r e , W i l l i a m S u t t o n .
Lucien Pissarro. London, Constable, 1962.
252 p. 111.
Life of the artist.
M e g g e d , A h a r o n .
Fortunes of a fool. Trans, from Hebrew by
A .
London, Gollancz, 1962. 304 p.
M e t z g e r ,
M .
I . ,
ed. Oxford concise concordance of the Revised Standard
Version of the Bible. Oxford, University, 1962. 158 p.
M i k e s , G e o r g e .
The best of Mikes. London, Pan Books, 1962. 288
p .
Including some of Mikes’ writings on Israel.
Miscellanies of the Jewish Historical Society of England: part VI (2).
Dedicated to the memory of Wilfred Samuel. London, Jewish Historical
Society of England, 1962. 198 p.
M i t s c h e r l i c h ,
A. and F.
M i e l k e .
The death doctors. Trans, from German
by James Cleugh. London, Elek, 1962. 367 p.
The experiments carried out by the Nazis in concentration camps.
M o r t o n , F r e d e r i c .
The Rothschilds. London, Seeker &Warburg, 1962. 264 p.
N e i l , W i l l i a m .
The rediscovery of the Bible. New ed. London, Hodder &
Stoughton, 1962. 222 p.
The new Oxford illustrated Bible: authorized version. 111. by Jack Hayes.
Oxford, University, 1963. 132 p. 31 plates.
Oxford Bible Atlas. Ed. by Herbert G. May, with the assistance of W.
Hamilton & G. N. S. Hunt. Oxford, University, 1962. 144 p. 48 p. map
P a r k e s , J a m e s .
Conflict of the Church and Synagogue. New ed. London,
Meridian Books, 1962. 430 p. (Transatlantic Books)
------ . A history of the Jewish people. London, Weidenfeld & Nicolson,
1962. 254 p.
P e r e lm a n , S id n e y J o s f p h .
The rising gorge. London, Heinemann, 1962.
287 p.
P e r n o u d , R e g i n e .
The crusades. London, Seeker & Warburg, 1963. 320 p.
P f e i f f e r ,
C. F., ed. Baker’s Bible atlas. London, Oliver & Boyd, 1962.
333 p. 76 ill.
P h i l o .
Works: vol. II. Trans, from the Greek by F. H. Colson. London,
Heinemann, 1962. 568 p. (Loeb Classics Library)
P i k e ,
R o y s t o n .
Lands of the Bible. London, Weidenfeld & Nicolson,
1962• 144 p. (Young Enthusiast)
P r e s c o t t , W i l l i a m
H. History of the reign of Ferdinand and Isabella the
Catholic. Ed. and abridged by C. Harvey Gardiner. London, Allen
& Unwin, 1962. 304 p.
R a b i n , C h a im ,
ed. Textus: annual of the Hebrew University Bible project:
vol. 2. Jerusalem, Magnes; Oxford, University, 1962. 220 p. 7 facsimiles.
R a d , G f . r h a r d
v o n
Old Testament theology: vol.
the theology of Israel’s
historical traditions. Trans, from German by
D . M . G .
Stalker. London,
Oliver & Boyd, 1962. 483 p.
R a m a t i , A l e x a n d e r .
Israel today. London, Eyre & Spottiswoode, 1962. 304 p.