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The above report represents only a fraction of the events con-
ducted. As one writer put it, “The celebration of Jewish Book
Month has become a cultural event with definite permanency
in American Jewish communal life.”
Jewish Book Annual
“I am amazed to see the amount of interesting material and
information that has been gathered for this volume. I t is well
worth the price and makes a wonderful reference volume.”
This testimony from the librarian of a congregational library
is typical of many such expressions of appreciation received by
the Council on the publication of volume 20 of the
Jewish Book
Financial support which made possible the publication of the
was received from the Council’s sponsor, the National
Jewish Welfare Board, from some of the national Jewish organi-
zations affiliated with the Council, from the Lucius N. Littauer
Foundation and many individuals who recognized the value
of this record of Jewish literary achievement. Among them
mention is made of Hayyim Bass, Dr. Mortimer J. Cohen, Dr.
Gilbert Klaperman, Leo W. Schwarz, Harry Starr and Dr. A.
Alan Steinbach.
In Jewish Bookland
Under the editorship of Dr. A. Alan Steinbach,
In Jewish
continues to serve as the only vehicle devoted ex-
clusively to reviews of books of Jewish interest.
The following also serve on the Editorial Board of
In Jewish
Philip Goodman, Associate Editor; Lionel Koppman,
Managing Editor; Dr. Mortimer J. Cohen and Dr. Solomon
Grayzel, Consultants; Dr. Jacob Kabakoff, Hebrew Books; Dr.
Sol Liptzin, Yiddish Books; Charles Angoff, Dr. Bernard J. Bam-
berger and Dr. Morris Epstein. Approximately forty authorities
in various fields regularly contribute book reviews.
The list of publications of the Jewish Book Council is con-
tinually growing. During the past year six new items were issued.
The following materials are currently available for distribution:
The Jewish Book Council of America: Its History and Pro-
by A. Alan Steinbach
A Manual for Jewish Communi ty Center, School and Congre-
gation Libraries,
by Sophia N. Cedarbaum