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Jewish literature, to stimulate reviews of American Jewish books
in the Israeli press and otherwise to disseminate information
about American Jewish books. The organizing committee con-
sisted of Dr. Sol Liptzin, visiting lecturer at Technion-Haifa
and honorary president of the Council, Dr. Jack Cohen, Prof.
Alexander M. Dushkin, Mrs. Israel Goldstein and David Breslau.
About twenty-five other Americans now living in Israel are serv-
ing as members of the executive committee.
The first project of the Israeli branch was to take charge of
local arrangements for a Jewish Book Council exhibit of Ameri-
can Jewish books at the Jerusalem International Book Fair,
held at the Jerusalem Convention Hall from April 20 to 28,
1963. The exhibit, although modest, was the only one that dis-
played books of American Jewish publishers. The Israeli branch
is now considering other significant programs.
American Library Association Exhibit
Once again the Council arranged an exhibit booth at the
annual convention of the American Library Association which
was held in July, 1963, in Chicago. Mrs. Philip Graubart of the
Jewish Community Centers of Chicago was in charge of the lo-
cal arrangements. She enjoyed the cooperation of the leading
Jewish librarians of Chicago. The several thousand librarians
from all parts of the United States and other countries who
attended the convention had an opportunity to see and learn
about Jewish books.
Library Citations
In keeping with its policy to aid and encourage the growth of
Jewish libraries, the Jewish Book Council has been granting
citations of merit to Jewish Community Centers, synagogues,
Jewish schools, and similar groups whose libraries meet the
minimum requirements for a Jewish library according to a
plan of certification adopted by the Council. Criteria and mini-
mum requirements for the citation are: the library must be
organized at least one year; at least one room must be set aside
for its exclusive use; there must be either a full or part-time
librarian; a fixed annual budget; a minimum of 1,000 books
of Jewish interest regardless of language; an accession of a mini-
mum of 100 books of Jewish interest during the previous year;
a catalogue accessible to all readers; the library must be open at
least ten hours a week. In addition to the above requirements,
the library must participate actively in Jewish Book Month
activities and render various services for the enrichment of Jew-
ish culture.