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Singer for his
The Slave
(Farrar, Straus and Cudahy, New York).
The judges were: Charles Angoff, David Boroff, Harold U.
Ribalow and Leo W. Schwarz.
Harry and Florence Kovner Memorial Poetry Awards
The Harry and Florence Kovner Memorial Poetry Awards,
each valued at $100 plus a citation, were presented to authors
of published volumes of Jewish poetry in Yiddish and English:
Chaim Grade for his Yiddish work,
Der Mentsh Fun Fier
New York) and Charles Reznikoff for
By the Waters of Man-
(New Directions, New York, and San Francisco Review).
The Yiddish recipient was selected by Hayyim Bass, Yudel Mark,
and Moshe Starkman. Judges for the English award were Leo
W. Schwarz, Dr. Judah Stampfer, and Dr. A. Alan Steinbach.
Information Service
The Council receives daily calls for information on many as-
pects of Jewish books. Such requests come from authors, pub-
lishers, public libraries, non-sectarian organizations, the general
press and many others who seek authoritative information con-
cerning the selection of books, specialized book lists, sources for
obtaining books, program suggestions and a wide variety of other
aspects of Jewish literature.
Annual Meet ing
The Annual Meeting of the Council was held on May 22,
1963, at Congregation Kehilath Jeshurun, New York City. The
meeting was opened by Dr. Maurice Jacobs, chairman of the
annual meeting committee, who introduced the president of the
Council, Dr. Gilbert Klaperman.
Solomon Litt, president of the National Jewish Welfare Board,
extended greetings on behalf of the Council’s sponsor.
Dr. I. Edward Kiev presented the library citations. The an-
nual literary awards were presented by Amos Cohen, Joseph
Daroff, Milton Kovner and Mrs. Annie N. Siegel.
A special citation was presented to Solomon Kerstein by Philip
Goodman, on behalf of the Council. Isaac Bashevis Singer de-
livered the main address on “An Author Examines Himself.”
Citation to Solomon Kerstein
Text of special citation presented to Solomon Kerstein at the
annual meeting of the Council: