Page 242 - Jewish Book Annual Volume 21

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“The Jewish Book Council of America, sponsored by the Na-
tional Jewish Welfare Board, presents to Solomon Kerstein this
citation to express profound gratitude for his dedicated service
to the Council since its inception. As secretary and Executive
Board member for many years, and presently Council vice-presi-
dent and Editorial Board member of the Jewish Book Annual,
he has labored with distinction to further Jewish culture. His
sterling character and Jewish erudition have brought prestige
to the Bloch Publishing Company which he has faithfully served
for 40 years and of which he is vice-president and Bulletin editor.
His considerable talents have enriched the religious Zionist
movement as well as traditional Jewish education.
“In recognition of his loyalty to our cause, the National Com-
mittee of the Jewish Book Council of America at its annual
meeting on May 22, 1963, tenders SOLOMON KERSTEIN
this testimonial. May he long continue his fruitful efforts to
disseminate Jewish cultural values.”
A Word of Appreciation
We are grateful for the active support and cooperation of
the officers and Executive Board members of the Council, un-
der the dynamic leadership of our president, Dr. Gilbert Klap-
Our past president, Dr. A. Alan Steinbach, continues to render
invaluable service as editor both of the
Jewish Book Annua l
and of
In Jewish Bookland.
To the editors and contributors to
Jewish Book Annual
and to
In Jewish Bookland
we owe a
special debt of gratitude; without their generosity these publica-
tions could not appear. We are appreciative of the devoted in-
terest of the judges of the annual literary awards.
The Bureau of Public Information of the National Jewish
Welfare Board, directed by Bernard Postal, has played a signifi-
cant role in disseminating information about the work of the
Solomon Litt, Sanford Solender and Herbert Millman, presi-
dent, executive vice-president, and associate executive, respec-
tively, of the National Jewish Welfare Board, in according the
Council their encouragement and support, have made it possible
for us to function effectively in service to the American Jewish
community as well as to many overseas Jewish organizations.