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Isaac Bashevis Singer
Isaac Bashevis Singer received the Harry and Ethel Daroff
Memorial Fiction Award for his novel
The Slave.
“There is about
I. B. Singer a bardic quality that gives
The Slave
the strength
and authority of a timeless folk tale,” wrote David Boroff. “At
the same time, Singer displays in this novel a pained sense of
life’s ambiguities that connect him with the best contemporary
writing. Singer projects, with chilling effectiveness, a sense of
man’s frailties. Yet in this harsh landscape, littered with cruelties
and nameless horrors, there are redemptive acts of great loveli-
ness. A brilliant portrayal of a tumultuous society and a poignant
account of a man who in wrestling with God found his soul,
The Slave
is a distinguished and memorable work of art.”
Singer is also the author of
The Family Moskat ,
which Clifton
Fadiman placed “in the exuberant tradition of Tolstoy,” and
Philip Van Doren Stern “in the great European tradition of
Thomas Mann’s
of Galsworthy’s
The Forsythe
Singer’s short story
Gimpe l the Fool ,
first published in the
Partisan Rev iew
in a translation by Saul Bellow, is already a
modern classic. Brother of the novelist I. J. Singer, Isaac Bashevis
Singer was born in Radzymin, Poland, in 1904. His father and
both grandfathers were rabbis. After a traditional Jewish educa-
tion, he attended a rabbinical seminary in Warsaw, and then
began to write fiction in Hebrew, later turning to Yiddish. He
published short stories and book reviews in
Die Literarische
Blet ter , Die Yiddische We l t , Globus,
and other magazines.
in Goray
appeared in Yiddish in 1935. Since coming to the
United States in that year, Singer has been on the staff of
The Jewish Daily Forward. The Family Moskat,
published in
1945, was awarded the Louis Lamed Prize. Singer’s novels have
appeared in Hebrew translations. In addition to
Gimpe l the
his short stories have appeared in translation in
A Treasury
of Yiddish Stories
More Stories in the Modern Manner.
Moses Rischin
Dr. Moses Rischin was the winner of the Frank and Ethel
S. Cohen Award for Jewish non-fiction for his book
The Promised