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tells how in the 17th century the edict banning Jews from
England was declared illegal, and how the Jews trickled back
into England, acquiring civil rights only gradually.
Among Mrs. Kamm’s other children’s books with a Jewish
interest is
The Story of Sir Moses Montefiore.
Chaim Grade
The Harry and Florence Kovner Memorial Award for Yiddish
poetry was presented to Chaim Grade for his book
Der Mentsh
fun t i e r
(“Man of Fire”). This is a volume of 160 pages of
poems which are experiences and reflections of the destruction
of European Jewry and the profound emotions involved in relat-
ing oneself for always with those who perished. Yudel Mark
states that “Some of the poems are the most moving expressions
on the destruction of European Jewry.” The volume contains
a section called “The Dream of Stone,” consisting of poetic
descriptions of nature in Colorado, Arizona and California, as
well as a number of longer poems. The book evoked an enthu-
siastic response.
Chaim Grade was born in Vilno in 1910. He studied in the
Yeshivot of the moralists (mussernikes). One of his teachers was
the famous Hazon-Ish. His first volume of poetry was published
in 1936.
Man of Fire
is his eighth volume of poetry (of which
My Mother's Wi l l
The L ight of Extinguished Stars
are of
special value).
Grade is also a talented novelist. His works in prose include
My Mo ther ’s Sabbaths, The Synagogue Courtyard,
His longest and most important novel
Zemakh At las
serialized in
The Jewish Day-Morning Journal ,
as were other
novels and stories.
During the war years, Chaim Grade experienced the difficulties
of a refugee in the Soviet Union, then briefly returned to his
birthplace from which he left for France in 1946. He came to
this country in 1948 and soon became known as an excellent
Grade has received a number of prizes: the Bimko prize for
The Moralists
My Mo ther ’s Wi l l ;
the Louis LaMed prize
My Mo the r ’s Sabbaths;
the Hoffer prize for
The Synagogue
the Kessel prize for
In 1961, he received an
honorary Doctor of Hebrew Letters degree from the Jewish
Theological Seminary.
Charles Reznikoff
By the Waters of Manhat tan
by Charles Reznikoff was selected
for the Harry and Florence Kovner Memorial Award for English-