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An edition of the entire work w ill appear in Vol. II of the present
Tex t s and Studies.
4. T h e disputation between Elijah
Hayim de Genazzano, an Italian scholar of the 15th century,
and a Franciscan monk, Francesco de Aquapendente in Orvieto,
published by the present writer in
I (Jerusalem, 1953), pp.
160-177. 5. The polemical work
Herev P iph io t
(“A Two-edged
Sword”), by Yair ben Shabbetai da Corregio, an Italian Jew of
the second half of the 16th century, edited by the present writer
and published by Mosad Harav Kook (Jerusalem, 1958). 6. The
polemical work
Magen Va-Herev
(“Shield and Sword”), by the
famous Venetian Rabbi, Leon da Modena, first half of the 17th
century, edited by Professor S. Simonsohn of the University of
Tel-Aviv and published by the Mekize Nirdamim Society (Jeru-
salem, 1962).
Th is brief survey has been concerned only with the literary
records of the dispuations or polemics, not with the evaluation
of the problems they dealt with, which would require special
o sen tha l
— R
isputat ions