Page 65 - Jewish Book Annual Volume 21

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Partly as a result of the impetus given by this report, several
major projects have been undertaken during the past two years.
Reference has already been made to the appointment of a
manuscript cataloguer. An art historian was appointed on a part-
time basis to catalogue the extensive print collection—undoubted-
ly one of the finest of Jewish interest in the world. A well-
equipped bindery was established under the care of a full-time
binder. The public relations program of the Library was greatly
expanded. A fund provided by friends of the Seminary, and a
generous grant by the Wurzweiler Foundation, will enable us to
solve the problem of the restoration of our precious manuscripts.
It is hoped that the greatest Jewish Library of all time and
one of the great cultural assets of the United States will, in the
not too distant future, be housed in a building worthy of its
importance and fully equipped to fulfill its role as the mecca
of Jewish scholars.
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