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e w i s h
o o k
n n u a l
April: Abraham Elmaleh; 3, Isaac Loeb Peretz; 4, Israel Brodie;
7, Cyrus Adler; 14, Markus Lehmann; 20, Leonard Herman
Frisch; 21, Abraham Berliner; 22, Samuel Klein.
May: 5, Joseph Lichtenbaum; 15, Chone Gottesfeld; 16, David
de sola Pool; 26, Salo W. Baron.
June: 2, Moses Marx; 6, Zevi Diesendruck; 7, Samuel Hirsch; 14,
Louis Finkelstein; 15, Alexander Brin; 19, Abraham Aaron
July: 8, Zvi Cahn; 9, Ephim H. Jeshurin; 12, Jacob Botoshansky;
20, Max Isidor Bodenheimer.
August: 3, Vladimir Jabotinsky; 7, Micah Joseph Berdyczewski;
17, Chanoch Albeck; 21, Alexander M. Dushkin.
September: 2, Charles Edward Bloch; 7, Abraham Isaac Kook;
22, Isaac Jacob Reines; 23, Abraham A. Neuman; 29, Samuel
David Luzzatto.
October: 6, Marvin Lowenthal; 9, Joshua Chacliik; 11, Herbert
M. J . Loewe; 15, Benedict David von Arnstein, Isaac Dob
Berkowitz; 16, Max Lilienthal; 23, Jacob Mann.
November: 7, Jacob Kaplan; 19, Solomon Schechter.
December: 2, Bernard Revel; 6, Max Kadushin; 7, Bertha Badt
Strauss; 9, Ernst Daniel Goldschmidt; 22, Samuel Joseph
Fuenn; 28, Fischel Bimko.
Alphabetical List
d ler
25th anniversary of death. Born in Van Buren,
Arkansas, in 1863, died in Philadelphia, April 7, 1940. As presi­
dent of the Dropsie College for Hebrew and Cognate Learning
and of the Jewish Theological Seminary of America and editor
of the new series of the
Jewish Quarterly Review
he exerted
great influence on American Judaism. His particular scholarly
interest included Orientalia and American Jewish history. His
largest single work was a biography of Jacob H. Schiff, the great
American banker and Jewish philanthropist.
lb e ck
75th birthday. Born in Lowicz, Poland,
August 17, 1890. Professor Emeritus of Talmud at the Hebrew
University, he has written extensively in this field, preparing
some years ago a vocalized Mishnah edition with a Hebrew
ened ict
rn ste in
200th anniversary of birth.
Born in Vienna, October 15, 1765, died there in 1841. A mem­
ber of a prominent bankers family which had been ennobled,
he turned to literary pursuits, writing several plays, one dealing
with the tolerance edict for the Jews, issued by Emperor Joseph
II. This work was the first one written in High German by an
Austrian Jew.