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e w i s h
o o k
n n u a l
e lv in
D. F. Sam Gompers: labor’s pioneer. New York, Abelard-Schuman,
1964. 159 p.
This book, packed with historical information about the labor move­
ment in America, is undoubtedly historically accurate, but Gompers,
who is born a Jew and is buried as a Jew, comes through as a flat figure,
moving through a myriad of details with no real breath of life, (ages
ilv erm an
, A
l t h e a
The harp of David: legends of Mount Zion, adapted from
legends and tales related by Dr.
Z. Kahana, Curator of Mount Zion,
Jerusalem. Illus. by Ezekiel Schloss. Hartford, Hartmore House, 1964.
199 p.
A collection of legends about King David and Mt. Zion tied together
through the experience of an American boy being conducted on a “pil­
grimage” up the Mount by a Biblical scholar, (ages 10-13)
o m m e r f e l t
, A
im e e
Miriam. Trans, by Iversen. New York, Criterion, 1963.
160 p.
This is the story of what happens to Miriam, her family, and her
friends in Nazi occupied Norway in 1941. It is well-written, well-moti­
vated, with good character development, but this reader is bothered by
the implication that Miriam, the Jewish heroine, will marry Rolf, an
admirable young man, but a non-Jew. (ages 11-14)
n w in
The way of the shepherd: a story of the Twenty-third Psalm.
New York, McGraw-Hill, 1963. 32 p.
A lovely story of a nine year old shepherd’s helper’s first night among
the sheep away from home. Each line of the psalm is illustrated with a
feature of the story, (ages 8-10)
o l f
, A
Challenge to confirmands: an introduction to Jewish
thinking. New York, Scribe Publications, 1963. 161 p.
A provocative and challenging exposition of basic Judaism. Drawing
upon original sources, the author leads the prospective confirmand
through such difficult questions as: What must a Jew believe? Is there a
God? Why do good people suffer? The author is a Reform rabbi, (ages
12 and up)
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