Page 162 - Jewish Book Annual Volume 22

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e w i s h
o o k
n n u a l
nxa . y ,,,i w . . . ? y . . . o n : i s *>n an ( n
a i w n i m ? a w )
.rawn ,w >n «d oisn n^aa o s t i , . * > ,r?pna .a^a^ya^
n o
Responsa, by Pinchas Zimetbaum, rabbi in Grosswardein, Hungary, who
perished during World War II.
’anna ‘r x w nxa .
" wn m u i o *?y a ^ i v n
n " w
n a n
.rawn ,.*> j .pona
Notes on the Talmud, by Samuel Mordecai Grossman, formerly a teacher
in a yeshivah in France, now rabbi in Brooklyn, N. Y.
' w
Din ny anxn n?iu®
n m
anruai c rm : n
n ’ Dm
xwnp man ,.*> j ,r?pna .? is tra nan pmr n * “?y
.rawn / ran n*on nnuK
Laws and customs for sickness, death and mourning, by Isaac Dober Oshpol,
a member of the Habad movement in Hasidism.
■ana ywi n, ) . . . n"sa •wnn i i m n j o '
a *?y y w i n *> non
.a ,r*?pna .n^ani
Notes on the Talmudic tractate Sanhedrin, by Joshua Greenwald, a Hun­
garian rabbi, who came to this country after World War II.
naa .T '3
,D” n nmx m y
*?y ,x"n t a i o “ D n m n u
♦rawn ,.■>
,p?pna .ot>h
aita-m** '*jan
A commentary on a section of the Shulhan Aruch, dealing with the reciting
of the
by Leopold Deutsch, a Hasidic rabbi, formerly in Czecho­
slovakia, now living in this country.
p a i r? naoaa ,a"n :
n n n i s ? y ’ D i p? nna •»tanp
,D” rn?ys
?Kiaw * r “?y *pn ji Dp1?: .nyia mo *
/ay n"aw ♦rawn
Commentary on the Aggadic portions of the second part of the Talmud,
dealing with the festivals, by Samuel Alter, formerly rabbi in Vienna and
Havana, now in Brooklyn, N. Y.
,♦*> j .n«*?a
m x w nxa / i m n n n » n r n x <ni „ n a x a
.rawn ,nnp
A disquisition on “Now the earth was unformed and void . . .” (Gen. 1 :2 ),
by Shneor Zalman of Ladi, the founder of the Habad movement in Hasidism,
who died about 150 years ago.
m m
' w
p?n : d n n a x n r n a m a i w m m ? x »
n rnoa D’piay
bw m o w rn ^ n y jn5w ->p^n nyanxa
,n"awn ,.•> j .n y a rn w
ama annax nxa .o"wn
Responsa by Abraham Menahem Steinberg.