Page 164 - Jewish Book Annual Volume 22

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/ay 248 .T'DWn
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The collected essays and letters of Rabbi Moshe Shmuel Shapiro, who
served for 25 years as head of the Yeshivah Hayyim Berlin, Brooklyn, N. Y.
These are mainly biographical sketches of famous rabbis.
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/ay 543 .rawn
Responsa, by Ephraim Oshry, a Lithuanian rabbi, now in this country.
Some of these deal with the problems that confronted the Jews in the
Kovno ghetto during World War II.
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/ay 161 .mairrn*twaa .x 'n .1963 ,.•> .a .D’annxi
Genesis and Exodus with English translation and commentary, based on
traditional sources, by Ezekiel Shraga Kahana.
.nyaarx nwa nnn’ nxa .’sxi^x^n ma^o : p *>d wa^ x b n a ? x
.rawn ,mnM "punn l y i v ? y w nn% /
A biography of Albert Einstein for Hebrew school students, by Judah
Moses Eisenberg.
.rawn ,.aaip aa’w^aia nav i ,.•>.a .ow? 'D i ia nxa , ] i a ? x
A Hebrew story by the educator Mordecai Lewittes.
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/ay 74 .rawn ,Dnmxan laon^na ,B *n Bn /nm *?naai n ry^x
A Hebrew reader, prepared for the United Hebrew Schools of Detroit.
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/ay 66 .rawn ,npnaxa nnnyn nmnonn ,.*>
.w a nwai iBiaan
An anthology about heroes of the Warsaw ghetto, by Jerahmiel Wein-
garten and Moses Palai. Intended for the upper classes of the Hebrew school.
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Hebrew version of Harry Sackler’s
Festival at Meron ,
a novel about Simon
ben Yochai. Sackler, born in Eastern Europe in 1883, has been a writer in
Hebrew, English and Yiddish in this country for 60 years.
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.7"awn ,mn*>n Tia^nn l y i T _4?yw "nn?// ,.*> .a
A juvenile biography of Henrietta Szold, by Menahem G. Glenn.