Page 167 - Jewish Book Annual Volume 22

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ien er
— A
m er ican
eb r ew
natt n ’ t yi a i nmn ’ tta
1n ntt a n 5y ’ "a n a x
nnn’ nwa . . . ’sa . . . ixs’
nnn nnoi mnna nnax . . .
,ona anx
.a ,w n a .(’ponyntj)
. . .
. . . p . . .
.*11 21 ,36 .a'Ottn
Hasidic comments on the Pentateuch, by Moses Judah Loeb Twersky.
,p?pna .nyaxia ’as n n x nxa . ’ a s y n x m a i t t m m ^ x t t
.T'attn /.’ .a
Responsa, by Aryeh Zevi Frumer, an East European rabbi of the past gen­
n’ttVTn ,n"saa am nxa . . . x a p xaa naoa ■?y n n x n ’ a
<a"attn ,pp?xyi
.tt ,.’
. . .
. . .
pnx ’nxa
. . .
.*H 98
Commentary on the tractate Baba Kamma, by Aaron Walkin, a Polish
rabbi of the past generation.
. . .
a ’ n " i t t x x y ’ s a x a a n a o a ? y ’ a s n x a
xaa ?y amxa ,nn ttsa — .x ttn p"pi *rax nnn’ Y'a ttnn ’as
.rawn ,oxna a” n ,.’ .a ,p?pna .?x?sa nwa nxa ,xy’sa
.*1*7 V'S
Commentaries on the Talmud tractate Baba Mezia by Zevi Hirsch ben
Judah, of Rzeszow, Poland, who lived at the turn of the 18th century and by
Moses Bezalel Luria, another East European rabbi, a century later.
nv?xtt . . . m nan pns’ . . . i p m
j t x
nw x , n a x n m
nnn ’sia . . . a’onsaip . . . -itty -rnx ’awn p5n»n . . . maittm
.*p 136 .a7/attn ..’ . a. . . .?ia?aa
Responsa by Isaac ben David, of Constantinople, physician and rabbi during
the first half of the 18th century.
,’V?n ’as ■rx’a'ra nxa .y " itt ’p?n
?y n " itt : ? x ’ a?a ’ *ia*T
.a"attn ,]xaoxna,.’ .a .nrai? pnax
Responsa by Malkiel Zevi Tenebaum, rabbi in Lomza at the turn of the
♦X"nn nxa .?*m naxa ?y a"x n o ’"ay a’T’an mum : ’ a? tt a
/ay n"yp .a^awn ,n*aana .n .a ,.’ .a ,p?pna
Homilies based on the sayings of the rabbis, with a commentary on the
Pesach Haggadah by Hayyim Joseph David Azulai, that busy 18th century
traveler and prolific writer in many areas of Jewish endeavor including the
field of bio-bibliography.