Page 168 - Jewish Book Annual Volume 22

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e w i s h
o o k
n n u a l
aunna i .pan ' ] mm ’ ?w i a in n a .’ n a ” n an x a , n n a ? n m m n
/ay 654 .raw n ,1’ sniwi opxr *ioi’ ,.’ .3 .ws3? xm a wi*vsn ay ,’ t k
Bahya ibn Pakudah’s
Duties of the Heart
with Yiddish translation. This
popular ethical work was written in Saragossa, Spain, in the first half of the
11th century.
,xap xnnna
na?w nxa . n y n n y o a i t )
.*1*1 r o ,x7/ap .raw n /ixaox'tt ,.’ j .nis-ia ma?n ?y ,X3” 3n xTrra
Responsa on the second part of the Shulhan Aruch and comments on the
laws of forbidden foods, by Solomon Kluger, 1783-1869, rabbi in Brody, Galicia.
. . * ?"Tan . . . n a x a ntznsi nuns ?a ?y mmn ? y . . . i a i o a i p ? ’
n a a a .♦ . nsom pxiw3 (??aa m sa *iai p n t in s ) n?’ a n n a paya
.a ’ ana
.-rawn ,]xaoxia
.3 .naio iaoir nry^x p'Tnna a ’ ? *pi’
Sermons based on the Torah portions of the week for special occasions,
such as circumcisions, redemption of the first-born, Bar Mitzvah, weddings
and funerals, by Joseph Sofer (Schreiber), rabbi in Hungary at the turn of
the century.
Tpoi r i y , p a n nm a yawi x n ^ n x i nnxa m n -no n n n * i na
.*]i r\"
sp .raw n ,]xaox*)3 ,.’ .3 .■tfxruna *rn rax n’ r x a n x ’ a ay
The 613 commandments with Yiddish commentary by Avigdor Greenwald,
a European rabbi of the last generation.
am n *rnrsa ,*ioi’ *pyi *101’
am x ’ an ay : x a m : n w n a
.raw n ,T*»np w a x nwx ,.’ .3 ,p ?pn a . n ’ x
The Midrash Tanhuma, one of the oldest homiletic commentaries on the
Pentateuch, dating back to the 5th century, with additional commentaries and
Yiddish translation.
,.’ .3 /p?pna .p’w nwa nxa , n n a r ' n n ? y p ’ w a n n a
.*n 64 ,80 .1964 /rawn ,nx?a .s
On the 613 commandments, by Moses Schick, a prominent Hungarian rabbi
during the last century.
? y s .B’TOi 7 is?sa o"wn n r a o ’ wnm ,’ w’ ?w p?n : a ’ y *n n x ? a
/ay 185 .1963 /psmwi opxo *101’ ,.*>.3 .w’ ?x ’ ’ a s apy’
Notes on the Talmud, by Jacob Zevi Jolles, 1778-1825, an erstwhile Ta l­
mudist converted to Hasidism, who served as rabbi in Dynow and Glogow.
a ’x ?s3 n i’wyai a m s ’ o ay .a n p ’ mn’ wi .n/7n . . . n m n a n n m 3 a
’ nap?i ’ nsox .a ’ aoYisa a ’ p n s ’3.n p .a*>aia mmm .a ’ n’ axi
/ay 96 /rawn ,txaox*n ,.’ .3 .? ’ p3y i s a ’ aixn n*a? 7n x xnn ’
Hasidic sayings and stories, collected by Judah Aryeh Teomim-Fraenkel,
an East European scholar of the last generation.