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, Y
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New finds from the Bar-Kochba period in the cave of the
letters. Jerusalem, Mosad Bialik and Hebrew Society for Research of
Eretz Yisrael and her Antiquities, 1963. 292 p. 108 tables.
New light shed on the Bar-Kochba period, based upon recent archeo­
logical finds.
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, B
The copper scrolls of the Judean desert. Jerusalem, Kirjath
Sepher and Society for Bible Research in Israel, 1963. 126 p.
The author sheds light on the Bar-Kochba period according to recent
deciphering of the copper scrolls.
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, A
The Jews in Egypt in the Hellenistic-Roman period
in the light of papyrology. Jerusalem, J . L. Magnes Press, 5723. 225 p.
This second edition of the volume that appeared 18 years ago was
brought up-to-date by the author’s pupil, D. Z. Rokeach.
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, S
h m u e l
Israel during the second commonwealth. Tel Aviv, 1963.
128 p.
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, Y
eh o shua
History of the crusaders’ reign in the Land of Israel:
vol. 2. Jerusalem, Mosad Bialik, 1963. 650 p.
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/ay 286 .1963 ,p?ara
h m u e l i
, E
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Don Isaac Abarbanel and the Spanish expulsion. Jeru­
salem, Mosad Bialik, 1963. 286 p.
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/ay 362 .a"nwn
, S
h lom o h
History of the Jews in the Duchy of Mantua: vol. 1.
Jerusalem, Kiryath Sepher for the University of Tel Aviv and Ben-Zvi
Institute, 5723. 362 p.