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reviews of it in bibliographical journals. We cite excerpts from
two reviews:
“The 20th volume with the addition of a general index
for volumes 11-20 represents a jubilee for the
Jewish Book
During the two decades of its existence this year
book has gained recognition in the field of international
bibliography and the world of books and is considered an
important instrument which helps to further Jewish culture”
(Zeitschrift fur Bibliothksivesen und Bibliographie,
X, 4).
“This annual is one of the most distinguished in recent
years by the quality of its articles as well as its outstanding
(Antiquarian Bookman,
Dec. 16, 1963).
As a number of the volumes of the
Jewish Book Annual
been out-of-print, the Council entered into an arrangement with
Kraus Reprint Corporation of New York which undertook to
handle the distribution of the first eighteen volumes of the
and to reprint those that are out-of-print. It is anticipated
that full sets of the
will be available by December, 1964.
The publication of the
was made possible by the finan­
cial support from the Council’s sponsor, the National Jewish
Welfare Board, by some of the national Jewish organizations
affiliated with the Council, the Lucius N. Littauer Foundation,
and many individuals who made advance subscriptions. Particular
mention needs to be made of Hayyim Bass, Dr. Mortimer J .
Cohen, Dr. Gilbert Klaperman, Leo W. Schwarz, Harry Starr and
Dr. A. Alan Steinbach.
In Jewish Bookland
In Jewish Bookland,
edited by Dr. A. Alan Steinbach, con­
tinues to serve as the only vehicle devoted exclusively to the
presentation of reviews of books of Jewish interest.
The following serve on the Editorial Board of
In Jewish Book­
Philip Goodman, Associate Editor; Lionel Koppman,
Managing Editor; Dr. Mortimer J . Cohen and Dr. Solomon
Grayzel, Consultants; Dr. Jacok Kabakoff, Hebrew Books; Dr.
Sol Liptzin, Yiddish Books; Charles Angoff, Dr. Bernard J. Bam­
berger and Dr. Morris Epstein. More'than fifty authorities in
various fields of literature contribute book reviews.
The following materials distributed during the past year are
currently available: