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The Jewish Book Council of America: Its History and Program,
by A. Alan Steinbach
A Manual for Jewish Community Center, School and Congre­
gation Libraries,
by Sophia N. Cedarbaum
Jewish Book Fairs: A Planning Guide,
by Abraham Kestenbaum
Jeivish Book Programs,
by Philip Goodman
Bible Programs for Jewish Book Month,
by Hannah Grad
The Bible: Eternal Book,
an essay by A. Alan Steinbach
American Jewish Translations of the Bible,
an essay by Bernard
J . Bamberger
Jewish Book Shop,
by Isidore Cooperman
Jewish Book Festival,
English and Yiddish editions
Reading Circles for Women
Jewish Books In Jewish Schools,
by Philip Goodman
A Book Review Symposium,
by Mortimer J . Cohen
How to Publicize Your Jewish Book Month Programs
Bookmark for Jewish Book Month
ib l io g r a ph ie s
A Booklist for the Jewish Adult
(revised 1964), by Solomon
The Jewish Child in Bookland
(revised 1963)
Selected Books on Israel,
by Sylvia Landress
Books on Israel for Children
Selected Yiddish Books for a Library
(in Yiddish)
The Bible: A Short Bibliography,
by Sophia N. Cedarbaum
The Jewish Press: A Select List
Paperbound Books of Jewish Interest
(revised 1963), by Diana
Jewish Reference Books: A Select List,
by Herbert C. Zafren
General Reference Books in English for Jewish Research,
Sheva G. Brun
Israel Zangwill 1864-1926: A Selected Bibliography
(1964), by
Maurice Wohlgelernter
r am a t ic
a t e r ia l
The Magic Book Shop,
by Sally Miller Brash
I f Books Could Talk,
by Sally Miller Brash
And It Was Written, and It Shall Be Read,
by Martha Marenoff
The Little Book,
by Than R. Wyenn
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