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Annual Meeting
The Annual Meeting of the Council was held on May 12, 1964
in New York City. The meeting was opened by Dr. Judah Nadich,
chairman of the annual meeting committee, who introduced the
president of the Council, Dr. Gilbert Klaperman.
Dr. A. Alan Steinbach, chairman of the nominations com-
mittee, presented the following slate of officers which was duly
elected: President: Dr. Gilbert Klaperman; Honorary Presidents:
Dr. Mortimer J . Cohen, Dr. Solomon Grayzel, Dr. Sol Liptzin,
Rabbi Ely E. Pilchik and Dr. A. Alan Steinbach; Vice-Presidents:
Hayyim Bass, Dr. Maurice Jacobs, Solomon Kerstein, Harry
Schneiderman and Harry Starr; Secretary: Dr. I. Edward Kiev;
Treasurer: Leo Guzik. In addition to those renominated as
members of the Executive Board, the following new members
were also elected: Dr. Abraham G. Duker, Rabbi Chaim I. Essrog,
Dr. Emil Lehman and Rabbi Avraham Soltes.
Dr. I. Edward Kiev presented the library citations. The annual
literary awards were presented by Mrs. Ethel S. Cohen, Joseph
Daroff, Bernard Kovner and Mrs. Annie N. Siegel.
In commemoration of the centenary of the birth of Israel
Zangwill, Maurice Samuel, distinguished author and lecturer,
delivered a lecture on the foremost author of Anglo-Jewry and
read from his writings.
The meeting concluded with a reception in honor of the award
winners and the recipients of library citations.
In Conclusion
In recognition of their devoted services to the Jewish Book
Council, a luncheon reception was tendered to Dr. Mortimer J.
Cohen and Dr. A. Alan Steinbach on the occasion of their seven­
tieth birthdays at the home of Mrs. Charles Schwartz.
The Council is indebted to the National Jewish Welfare Board,
particularly to Solomon Litt, Sanford Solender and Herbert Mill-
man, recent past president, executive vice-president and associate
executive, respectively, for making possible its financial base and
for its overall support. Bernard Postal and Lionel Koppman of
the JWB Bureau of Public Information were instrumental in
disseminating information on the Council’s aims and activities.
The program of the Council is the work of many hands: the
judges of the annual literary awards, the editors and contributors