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W i n n e r s o f t h e 1 9 6 3 L i t e r a r y A w a r d s
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Yiddish poet, essayist and literary critic, he has been a member
of the editorial staff of
The Day
since its inception in 1914.
Among the awards he has received are two Louis LaMed prizes
for Yiddish poetry and two awards from the Congress for Jewish
Culture. Now president of the Yiddish P.E.N. Club World
Center, New York, he is represented in anthologies in Yiddish,
Hebrew, French, Russian and Polish.
Arnold Band
Arnold Band was selected for the Harry and Florence Kovner
Memorial Award for Hebrew Poetry for his first published
volume. Dr. Jacob Kabakoff, in reviewing
Ha-Rei Boer Ba-Esh
by Dr. Band, wrote that his “poems are rich in imagery and
reveal a familiarity with classical and modern literature. The
poet’s concerns include the eternal themes of nature and love
and the poetic process itself. In addition, we have in this collec­
tion a number of topical poems dealing with both Jewish and
general events, such as the reaction to the European holocaust,
the cold war, and the African Negroes. Even Jewish suburbia
comes in for treatment in the poem ‘Moshe,’ in which the
subject of the poem puts material values above spiritual ones.
Band’s poems are a harbinger of future creative work. It is to
be hoped that this book will be followed by other literary
products by American-born Hebrew writers.”
Born in Boston, Dr. Band received a Ph.D. in Comparative
Literature from Harvard University. He pursued his Jewish
studies at the Boston Hebrew Teachers College and the Hebrew
University in Jerusalem. He has taught at Harvard College,
Brandeis University and is currently Associate Pofessor of
Hebrew at the University of California. A member of Phi Beta
Kappa, he has been the recipient of several awards and other
distinctions. He has written extensively for Jewish periodicals
and is now preparing a two-volume study of the works of S. J .