Page 31 - Jewish Book Annual Volume 22

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riters were so overpowered by what they had seen, that they
ould only describe and wail. Jefroykin was the only thinker
f this group. Since his death ten years ago, Yiddish literature
n France has not found its ideologist.
A word must be said about Hebrew literature. Despite a
allant effort by the late Jacob Fink, who published two numbers
f a Hebrew review,
Hebrew literature has not gained
foothold in France. Only a few rabbinic works such as Rabbi
Sheerith Menahem,
or the late Rabbi Fingerhut’s
heelot uTeshuvot,
were published. Hebrew may be spoken;
ometimes read; but it looks as if it were never written!
Hochmat Israel}
the scientific study of Judaism, has now
egun to flourish again in France. All the fields are represented
xcept Talmudic literature. The
Revue des Etudes Juives,
ldest Jewish scientific review extant, is published regularly and
number of important works have seen the light. Do they
elong to the field of literature? In any case, they are a symbol
f the renaissance of Jewish culture in France, a culture which
ay again become an inspiration to the small number of writers
ho produce the new Jewish literature.
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