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Special Collections
The collection of the famous scholar, Professor Samuel Krauss
1886-1948), was acquired from him during his lifetime through
the generosity of Mr. and Mrs. Louis Gold. This collection
accumulated by the professor of the Vienna Rabbinical Seminary
and author of the monumental work,
The Archeology of the
and other books in Semitic philology and Jewish his­
tory is extremely rich in these fields of the author’s specialty.
As a recipient of complimentary works by famous writers, the
collection is further enhanced by the autographs of many lumi­
naries in Jewish scholarship.
In the late 1920’s the library of the late Philip Hillel Klein
(1849-1926), was acquired also through the kindness of Mr. and
Mrs. Louis Gold. This collection by the famous disciple of Abra­
ham Samuel Benjamin Sofer (son of R. Moses Sofer) contains
one of the largest collections of responsa and rabbinics; it is
also rich in German Judaica. Dr. Klein arrived in the United
States in 1880 and served Congregation Oheb Zedek in New
York until his death. It is noteworthy that Rabbi Klein’s
daughter, Mrs. Elizabeth Isaacs, is Dean of Women at the Stern
College for Women of Yeshiva University, and her husband,
Dean Moses Legis Isaacs, a noted chemist, is professor at the
same institution.
The Arnstein brothers contributed the fine collection of Rabbi
Mordecai Rosenblat of Slonim, a frequent correspondent of
Rabbi Isaac Elchanan and the recipient of his Halachic responsa.
It is an important addition to the vast rabbinic division of the
Mendel Gottesman Library and contains some valuable manu­
In 1946 the Library acquired the books of Nathan Isaacs
(1886-1941), professor of law at Harvard University. His collec­
tion of Judaica is unique for its rich section of bibliography
and history of Hebrew printing.
In 1936 the Library was fortunately the beneficiary of the
collection of the late Peter Wiernik (1865-1936). He was editor-
in-chief of the Yiddish daily,
Jewish Morning Journal
merged with the
The Day),
and the author of the first compre­
History of the Jews in America
(New York, 1912; 2nd
edition, 1932). The specialty of his collection was Jewish his­
toriography in various languages: Hebrew, Yiddish, English,
French, Polish and Russian. His continuous love for his favorite
subject is displayed by the various clippings inserted in the many
books relating to their subject matter.
The family of Rabbi Haim Fishel Epstein (1874-1942) pre­
sented the vast rabbinic collection of their father to the Library