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Uniqueness of Poetic Style
It is indeed unfortunate that Regelson has been typed a
“philosophical” poet. While it is true that he surpasses most
Hebrew poets in his intellectual scope and his sensitivity to in-
tellectual problems, it is clear that his talent lies in the unique-
ness of his poetic style, its rich imagery, its exciting breathing, its
daring scope. Even in his essays on various philosophers and
thinkers in
Melo HaTal i t Al im—
Russel, Bergson, Freud, Dewey,
and Croce—we find less objective description than psychological
confrontation; we learn less about the philosopher than we do
about Regelson. His poetry is of considerable interest by itself.
Regelson, the literary personality, enormously gifted, delight-
fully eccentric, painfully sensitive, is an extreme example of
many of the salient characteristics of Hebrew poetry in America.