Page 147 - Jewish Book Annual Volume 23

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W i e n e r — J e w i s h L i t e r a r y A n n i v e r s a r i e s
Hebrew works into English and has published volumes of Hebrew
poetry and essays.
e u b e n i
80th birthday. Born in Poltava, Russia, August
12, 1886.
prolific Hebrew writer, who has been living in Israel
for over half a century, he has written fiction, poetry, works in
sociology, literary criticism, and has translated German, Russian,
English and French classics into Hebrew.
o lom o n
70th birthday. Born in Laskarzew, Po-
land, April 23, 1896. A Yiddish writer and journalist in Poland,
who came to New York during the Second World War, he has
written historical novels about Rabbi Meir and Rabbi Akiba,
which have been translated into Hebrew. He also published a
study on the late Sholem Asch.
reder ick
u b in s t e in
75th birthday. Born in London,
March 18, 1891. Lawyer and playwright, secretary of the League
of British dramatists, he has written many one-act plays dealing
with British history and some also with a Jewish setting, such as
Consequences, Exodus,
Israel Set Free.
en io r
ach s
150th anniversary of birth. Born in Kaidany,
Russia, June 17, 1816, died in Paris, 1892. A Hebrew writer with
Haskalah leanings, he became librarian to Baron Joseph Guenz-
burg in Paris. Although his literary output was not very great,
his importance was in his friendship with most of the Jewish
scholars of his day.
B. S
. 75th birthday. Born in Odessa, Russia,
September 6, 1891. A Jewish leader in Russia, who served as a
member of the Ukrainian parliament in 1917, he has been active
in the Revisionist movement for many years, which accounts for
his interest in the leader of this movement, Vladimir Jabotinsky,
to whom he devoted several volumes of his studies, in addition
to works in Jewish demography and modern Jewish history in
Russian, Hebrew, Yiddish and English.
ho lom
l e ich em
(Shalom Rabinowitz). 50th anniversary of
death. Bom in Pereyaslav, Russia, in 1859, died in New York,
May 13, 1916.
classic of Yiddish literature, he is known as a
humorist, who in his stories mirrored all the moods of Russian
Jewry. One of the most recent successes on the Broadway musical
stage, “Fiddler on the Roof,” is based on one of his stories.
a lom o
udw ig
t e in h e im
100th anniversary of death. Born
in Bruchhausen, Germany, in 1789, died in Zurich, May 19, 1866.
A physician, he was associated with Gabriel Riesser in the struggle
for emancipation. In addition to some poetry of Jewish content,
he wrote a philosophic exposition of Judaism.