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Branch of the Jewish Book Council of America was organized
under the leadership of Dr. Sol Litpzin, past president of the
Council. Its primary objective is to create an awareness and
appreciation of American Jewish literature. The spans of the
bridge are beginning to fall into position. To facilitate reviews
of American Jewish books in the Israeli press, the Council has
requested American publishers to send review copies of Jewish
books to a select group of Israeli literary critics. The Council
also initiated, in collaboration with the Book Publishers As-
sociation of Israel, a plan to translate into Hebrew children’s
books of Jewish interest issued by American publishers, of
which there is a shortage in Israel, particularly for the younger
An exhibit of recent American Judaica arranged by the Coun-
cil was featured at the Second Jerusalem International Book
Fair held April 4 to 13, 1965, in Jerusalem’s Convention Hall.
The exhibit consisted of 150 volumes by American authors,
recently published in the United States. They were in English,
Hebrew and Yiddish, reflecting the trilingual character of Amer-
ican Jewish literature. The books in English dealt with the
Bible, Judaism, Jewish history, literary criticism, biography,
Israel, music and art, and sociology. The Yiddish and Hebrew
books included fiction, poetry and belles-lettres. Sponsored by
the Municipality of Jerusalem, the International Book Fair
was participated in by more than 1,000 publishing houses and
organizations from 30 countries.
Solomon Kerstein headed the committee which planned the
exhibit. Serving with him were H. Bass, Jacob Dienstag, Samuel
J. Borowsky, Dr. Samuel H. Blumenfeld and Dr. I. Edward
Kiev. The Israel Branch of the Council handled the arrange-
ments in Jerusalem. There, in addition to Dr. Liptzin, the com-
mittee included Mrs. Louis Rocker, David Breslau, Mrs. Geof-
frey Wigoder, Rabbi Abraham E. Milgram, Marvin Levin, Dr.
Moshe Davis and Sholom Kahn.
The Council’s exhibit evoked considerable interest as it was
the only one featuring American Jewish book production.
National Library Week
At the request of the National Book Committee, the Council
prepared a pamphlet entitled
National Library Week and the
Jewish Community.
Its purpose was to encourage local Jewish
organizations to participate in the observance of National Library
Week in addition to Jewish Book Month.
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