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Frank and E thel S. Cohen Award
The Frank and Ethel S. Cohen Award for a book on Jewish
thought was presented to Dr. Israel Efros for his authorship of
Ancient Jewish Philosophy
(Wayne State University Press,
Detroit). He received $250.00 and a citation. The judges were
Abraham Berger, Dr. Sidney B. Hoenig, Dr. Nahum N. Glatzer
and Marvin Lowenthal.
Isaac Siegel Memorial Juvenile Award
Dr. Azriel Eisenberg and Chaplain Dov Peretz Elkins, co-
authors of
Worlds Lost and Found
(Abelard-Schuman, New
York), were the winners of the Isaac Siegel Memorial Juvenile
Award of $250.00 and citations. The judges were Mrs. David I.
Cedarbaum, Dr. Morris Epstein, Mrs. Abraham J. Karp and
Mrs. Deborah P. Margolis.
Leon Jolson Award
Through the generosity of Mr. Leon Jolson, the Jewish Book
Council will make an annual award of $500.00 and a citation
to the author of a non-fiction book dealing with some aspect
of the Nazi holocaust period. The first award will be presented
in 1966 for a book published in English during the three pre-
ceding calendar years. The following year it will be given for
a Yiddish book and in 1968 for a book published in Hebrew.
Consideration will be given to books written in English, Yiddish
or Hebrew or translated into these three languages from another
language. Eligible authors must be residents or citizens of the
United States or Canada.
Miscellaneous Services
The Council daily receives calls for information on many
aspects of Jewish books. Such requests come from authors, pub-
lishers, public libraries, non-sectarian organizations, the general
press and from many others who seek authoritative information
concerning the selection of books, specialized book lists, sources
for obtaining books, program suggestions and a wide variety
of other phases of Jewish literature.
Annual Meeting
The presentation of the literary awards and library citations
highlighted the annual meeting of the National Committee of