Page 237 - Jewish Book Annual Volume 23

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“The Council is very fortunate in the quality of leaders it
has been able to attract. Theirs has been a labor of love and
devotion. I congratulate Rabbi Klaperman for his leadership
as president. He, Rabbi Goodman and the members of the
executive board of the Council can feel most satisfied with
the fruits of their efforts.
“The National Jewish Welfare Board is proud to be the
sponsoring agency of the Jewish Book Council of America. In
its behalf, we express confidence that the Council will grow
from strength to strength.”
Dr. Solomon Grayzel, past president of the Council, presented
a citation to Philip Goodman on having completed twenty
years as executive secretary of the Council. Rabbi Goodman
then gave a report of the past year’s activities. Dr. I. Edward
Kiev presented the library citations, and a response on behalf
of all the recipients was made by Stephen Flaster, president
of the B’nai B’rith Hillel Foundation of the Bernard M.
Baruch School of Business 8c Public Administration, New York.
He said: “It is with a sense of great honor and appreciation
that I speak for the ten libraries you have chosen to accord
recognition this year. Of course we are proud and happy on
this occasion, but perhaps far more important is our feeling
of great responsibility in a mission that we must at least try
to share with the Council, that mission being the furthering
of Jewish culture in America. . . We have in our communities
the writings that truly can uplift the spirit, and with the
Council’s recognition we deem it incumbent upon us to join
what may have to be a spirited campaign against the apathy
of our fellow Jews. Many in the past have tried to burn our
books, but they could not burn the contents. For those con-
tents will live so long as our people do not neglect them.
“The honor granted us tonight is indeed a great one, but
it will be short lived if we do not endeavor to maintain it.
Therefore, we will regard our citations, not just as rewards
for a past achievement, but as a rededication to a present
purpose and as a further commitment to the cause of strengthen-
ing our Jewish culture in America. We shall display our cita-
tions with pride but always remembering the cause for which
they were won and the path on which we have embarked.”
The literary awards were presented by Bernard Kovner,
Joseph Daroff, Mrs. Ethel S. Cohen and Mrs. Annie N. Siegel,
representing the donors, and by Yudel Mark, Leo W. Schwarz,
Dr. Sidney B. Hoenig and Mrs. Abraham J. Karp, representing
the judges of the respective committees. The winning authors
responded. The meeting concluded with a reception in honor
of the award winners and of the recipients of library citations.
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