Page 238 - Jewish Book Annual Volume 23

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In Appreciation
It is well-nigh impossible to express appreciation to the numer-
ous individuals whose support of the program of the Jewish
Book Council of America has crystallized its varied activities.
Realizing that its limited financial resources can be only a
stimulus in achieving its objectives, the Council has fortunately
succeeded in enlisting the participation of many volunteers.
Foremost among them are local community leaders throughout
the country who are implementing the Council’s program.
We are also grateful to the many contributors to
In Jewish
and to the
Jewish Book Annual,
and to their editors
and editorial boards, to the judges of the annual literary awards,
and to the members and officers of the executive board under
the presidency of Dr. Gilbert Klaperman.
The Council is particularly indebted to the National Jewish
Welfare Board and its various services, lay leaders and profes-
sional staff members, for making possible its basic organization
without which it could not function.