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e w i s h
o o k
n n u a l
commercial enterprise, the Israel Scientific Translation Pro-
gramme sells its publications freely in twenty-seven countries.
The selection of Russian publications for translation is made
primarily by the Foundation, based on requests from the organ-
izations it serves, which include United States libraries, univer-
sities, research centers, as well as private scientists. I.S.T.P. em-
ploys a team of 150 experts. The publications translated deal
mainly with physics, mathematics, engineering, meteorology,
chemistry, medicine, biology, soil sciences, geology, and, lately,
fishing as well. Last year the I.S.T.P. set up a new department
for translations into German, French and Italian, for which
there is a brisk demand from a variety of West European
scientific institutions.
Jerusalem Interna t iona l Book Fair
To make the city where the “Eternal Bestseller” had been
written and lived, a venue of booklovers from the four corners
of the earth, was a project which had twice reached the budget-
ing stage, but had to be shelved as being too ambitious. In 1962
the Prime Minister and the mayor of Israel’s capital, to whom
the initiators had appealed, got together; a public committee
was founded, and the plan was translated into reality. Over
twenty thousand books from 27 countries were displayed in
Israel’s capital from April 21 to 29, 1963, at the first International
Book Fair to be held in the Middle East. The decisive initiative
for this event was taken by the Jerusalem municipality. The
responsibility for its implementation rested with an Advisory
Committee composed of representatives of governmental and
public bodies. The exhibition drew large numbers of scientists,
authors, librarians, students and booklovers from all strata of
the population, as well as some 1,000 foreign publishers from all
five continents. They came from the following countries: Austria,
Argentine, Belgium, Brazil, Britain, Canada, Ceylon, Cuba,
Cyprus, Denmark, France, Greece, Guatemala, Holland, Iran,
Israel, Italy, Japan, Mexico, the Philippines, Poland, Spain,
Switzerland, USSR, United States, Venezuela, West Germany.
Every kind of book was put on display, though belles-lettres and
scientific works were most prominent.
One of the main objectives of the second International Book
Fair held in Jerusalem during April, 1965, was to strengthen the
ties with African and South American countries, whose growing
demand for textbooks Israel hopes to help supply. The Fair also
endeavored to assist Israeli publishers and their colleagues from
overseas to initiate co-publications for the purposes of assuaging
the book-hunger in the developing countries and of encouraging
new translations from and into Hebrew.