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o o dm a n
— T
h e
YIVO Institute for Jewish Research; Salo W. Baron, professor
emeritus of Jewish history, literature and institutions on the
Miller Foundation, Columbia University; Iva Cohen, assistant
librarian, Blaustein Library, American Jewish Committee; Moshe
Decter, director, Jewish Minorities Research.
a r o n
, S
W. “The Modem Age,” pp. 315-484, in Great Ages and Ideas
of the Jewish People, ed. by Leo W. Schwarz. N. Y., Random, 1956;
N. Y., Modem Library.
See Russia and Soviet Russia in Index.
-------. The Russian Jew under Tsars and Soviets. N. Y., Macmillan, 1964.
p .
A comprehensive history of Russian Jewry and its heroic struggle to
preserve Jewish cultural and religious identity in the face of over-
whelming odds.
e n
r i
, R
a ik in
Habima. Trans, by
A .
H. Gross and L. Soref. N. Y., Yoseloff,
1957. 253 p.
The history of Israel’s famous Habima Theater, founded in Moscow in
1919. Most of the book is devoted to the period when the troupe was
in Russia.
* C
o h e n
, I
Vilna. Phila., Jewish Publication Society, 1943. 531
p .
A comprehensive history of the Jewish community of Vilna, Lithuania,
which came under Russian rule in 1793.
* D
av it t
, M
ic h a e l
Within the Pale: The True Story of Anti-Semitic Persecu-
tion in Russia. Phila., Jewish Publication Society, 1903. 399 p.
* D
u b n ow
S. M. History of the Jews in Russia and Poland: From the Earliest
Times until the Present Day. Trans, from Russian by I. Friecllaender.
Phila., Jewish Publication Society, 1916*1920. 3 vols.
A basic historical work.
lbog en
, I
sm a r
A Century of Jewish Life. Trans, by Moses Hadas. Phila.,
Jewish Publication Society, 1945. 823 p.
See Russia and Soviet Russia in Index.
in e
, M
im m e l f a r b
, M
il t o n
eds. American Jewish Year Book.
N. Y., American Jewish Committee; Phila., Jewish Publication Society.
See articles on Soviet Union by Leon Shapiro in recent volumes.
, J
aco b
ed. Jews in
t h e
Modern World. N. Y., Twayne, 1962. 2 vols.
See “The Jews in the Soviet Union I, 1917-1939," by Jacob Robinson,
vol. I, pp. 91-105; “The Jews in the Soviet Union II, Since 1939," by
Samuel Levitas et al, vol. I, pp. 106-138; “Jewry Between East and
West,” by Moshe Sharett, vol. II, pp. 509-526.
* F
r iedlaender
, I
The Jews of Russia and Poland: A Bird’s-eye View of
Their History and Culture. N. Y., Hebrew, 1920. 210 p.
* G
B. Z. The Jewish Problem in the Soviet Union. Foreword by
Daniel Mayer. N. Y., Crown, 1961. 374 p.
A journalist’s account based on three visits to the Soviet Union.
o l dm a n
, G
u ido
G .
Zionism under Soviet Rule, 1917-1928. N. Y., Herzl Press,
1960. 176 p.