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e w i s h
o o k
n n u a l
h a d
a m
Essays—Letters—Memoirs. Trans, by Leon Simon. Oxford, East
and West Library, 1946. 354 p.
A lengthy introduction by the translator presents this Zionist thinker
whose reminiscences and a selection of his essays are given in this book.
h ag a ll
, B
e l l a
Burning Lights. Illus.
b y
Marc Chagall. N. Y., Schocken, 1962.
268 p.
Warm descriptions of Jewish life in Vitebsk, Russia.
o n q u e st
, R
o bert
(George Robert Acworth Conquest). The Pasternak Affair:
Courage of Genius: A Documentary Report. Phila., Lippincott, 1962.192 p.
The known facts of the political and literary difficulties encountered
by the Nobel Prize winner.
u b n o w
, S
im o n
Nationalism and History: Essays on Old and New Judaism.
Ed. by Koppel
S .
Pinson. Phila., Jewish Publication Society, 1958. 375 p.
Includes a lengthy essay on Dubnow by the editor and some of Dub-
now’s shorter writings.
n bu rg
, I
l y a
People and Life: Memoirs of 1891-1917. N. Y., Knopf, 1961.
240 p.
The autobiography of the Russian Jewish writer about his life prior
to the revolution.
-------. Memoirs: 1921-1941. Cleveland, World, 1964. 512 p.
-------. The War: 1941-1945. Cleveland, World, 1965. 198 p.
The autobiography of the Russian Jewish writer who survived the
Stalin purge of Jewish intellectuals.
, L
o u is
Students, Scholars and Saints. Phila., Jewish Publication
Society, 1958. 291 p.
“The Gaon, Rabbi Elijah Wilna,” pp. 125-144; “Rabbi Israel Salanter,”
pp. 145-194.
l e n n
, M
e n a h em
G .
Israel Salanter: Religious-Ethical Thinker. N. Y., Bloch,
1953. 219 p.
The story of the Musar movement that developed in nineteenth century
un g
, L
ed. Guardians of Our Heritage (1724-1953) . N. Y., Bloch, 1958.
728 p.
Biographical essays on Rabbi Hayvim of Volozin, Isaac Elhanan
Spector, Simha Zissel Broida, Joseph Leib Bloch.
-------. Jewish Leaders (1750-1940). N. Y., Bloch, 1953. 564 p. Boys Town of
Jerusalem, 1964. 2nd edition. (Distributed by Philipp Feldheim) .
Biographical essays on Eliyahu of Vilna, Shneyur Zalman of Liady.
Israel Salanter, Isaac Jacob Reines, Hayyim Ozer Grodzenski, and H. B.
-------. Men of the Spirit. N. Y., Kymson, 1964. 739 p.
Article on the leaders of the Lithuanian Musar movement; biographies
of Naphtali Tzevi Berlin, Levi Yitzhak of Berditchev and Samuel
* L
e v in
, S
h m a r y a
Childhood in Exile. Trans,
b y
Maurice Samuel. N. Y.״
Harcourt, Brace, 1929. 277 p.
A charming description of Jewish life in provincial Swislowitz.