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e w i s h
o o k
n n u a l
a tter so n
, D
a v id
The Hebrew Novel
i n
Czarist Russia. Chicago, Aldine,
1964. 316 p.
A literary and sociological study of Hebrew fiction from the 1860 s to
o b a ck
A. A. The Story of Yiddish Literature. Cambridge, Sci-Art; N.
Y . .
Yiddish Scientific Institute, 1940. 448 p.
See Table of Contents.
p ieg el
, S
h a l o m
Hebrew Reborn. N.
Y . ,
Meridian; Phila., Jewish Publication
Society, 1957. 482 p.
An account of the leaders of the Haskalah movement including a sum-
mary of modern Hebrew literature, originally published in 1930.
n g o f f
, C
h arl e s
Journey to the Dawn.
N .
Y., Yoseloff, 1951. 421
p .
The story of an immigrant family from Czarist Russia who settle in
sc h
, S
h o l e m
Kiddush Ha-Shem:
A n
Epic of 1648. Phila., Jewish Publication
Society, 1926. 227 p. Paperbound reprint (together with Asch’s Sabbatai
Zevi) : Phila., Jewish Publication Society; N. Y., Meridian, 1959. 249 p.
A tale of persecution and martyrdom in Russia.
u su b e l
, N
a t h a n
Treasury of Jewish Humor. Garden City,
N .
Doubleday, 1951. 735 p.
Includes stories dealing with Jewish life in Russia by the following
Russian born Jewish writers: Sholom Aleichem, Abraham Reisen, Chaim
Nachman Bialik, S. Frug, Isaak Babel, Leon Kobrin, Yehoash, Z. Wendrofi,
S. An-Sky, Zalman Schneour, Mordche Spektor, Yehudah Steinberg,
Aaron D. Ogus, Dovid Bergelson, Mendele Mocher Sforim.
a b e l
, I
sa ak
Benya Krik, the Gangster and Other Stories. Ed. by Avraham
N .
Y., Schocken, 1948. 122 p.
Stories of Russian Jewish characters.
-------. The Collected Stories of Isaac Babel. Trans, and ed. by Walter Morison.
Introduction by Lionel Trilling. N. Y., Criterion, 1955. 381 p. Paperbound
reprint: N. Y., Meridian, 1960.
Babel, an expatriate from the traditional Jewish middle-class life of
Odessa, is aware of his bohemian detachment from both Jewish and
Russian folk life, hence one finds his stories and sketches suffused with
sharp irony. The book contains short stories, vignettes and excerpts from
a war journal. Several are classics of Jewish life in Czarist Russia.
-------. The Lonely Years 1925-1939. N. Y., Farrar, Straus, 1964. 402 p.
A master short story writer, Babel suffered under the yoke of Stalin.
This book contains his letters and eight stories.
* B
ia l ik
, H
a y y im
a c h m a n
Aftergrowth and Other Stories. Trans, by I. M.
Lask. Phila., Jewish Publication Society, 1939. 216 p.
Three stories including an autobiographical one and another depicting
the struggle of a Jewish family with Czarist officials.
u b er
, M
a r t in
ed. Tales of the Hasidim. Trans, by Olga Marx. N. Y.,
Schocken, 1947-1948. 2 vols.
Vol. 1. The early masters; vol. 2. The later masters.