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Also in recent years, the strengthening of organized programs
of Jewish education for children and adults in all three denomi-
nations as well as in secular Jewish organizations, has neces-
sitated the preparation of many music books for use by schools
and trained music educators. Thus, the collections of useful
songsters, with varying contents and modes of presentation,
are rapidly becoming far too numerous for any cursory listing.
Their overall significance is that of making easily accessible
the representative examples of many different styles of Jew-
ish music.
The Bibliography of Jewish Music,
compiled by Alfred
Sendrey, was published in 1951 by Columbia University Press,
its 10,000 entries only covered published materials and manu-
scripts up to the year 1945. Nevertheless, this volume is a
prodigious research achievement and an indispensable aid to
scholars. It documents musical scores and literature which
might otherwise have been lost to us because of the destruction
of libraries, museums, synagogues, and private archives during
the Nazi holocaust. In a foreword to this 404-page book, the
late noted musicologist Curt Sachs, himself a Jewish refugee,
stated that this comprehensive listing is “a dignified monument
to the past . . . also a symbol of our will to survive and to
contribute to man’s endeavor, art, and knowledge, to the full
limits of our power.” In this
Sendrey’s introduc-
tory exposition and his historical survey of Jewish music are
excellent sources of information. The Jewish musical develop-
ments since 1945 warrant a second bibliographic volume of
listings. In this brief survey only a select number of those
books devoted to Jewish music topics will be discussed.
Jewish Mus ic Col lect ions
Among the numerous collections of Jewish music, an outstand-
ing achievement has been the compilation of the five-volume
Cantorial Anthology
by Gershon Ephros. A student and protege
in Palestine of the late Jewish musicologist Abraham Zevi
Idelsohn, Cantor Ephros has ably followed in the pioneering
footsteps of his teacher and mentor. With the appearance in 1957
of the fifth volume, Bloch Publishing Co. completed its presenta-
tion of Ephros’ monumental contribution covering synagogue
music from the 12th century to the present, with selections for
every occasion of the Jewish year. These volumes are of ines-
timable value to all Jewish musicians.
In 1955
The Anthology of Jewish Music,
compiled and edited
by Chemjo Vinaver, was published by Edward B. Marks Pub-
lishing Co. With notations and commentary in Hebrew and