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in English, this 300-page book presents previously unpublished
examples of sacred chant and religious folksongs. Also included
is a setting of Psalm 130 which Arnold Schoenberg composed
especially for this volume shortly before his death in 1951.
The Sacred Music Press published in 1959
Music and Prayer:
For Home, School, and Synagogue,
compiled and edited by
Reuben Rinder. This 308-page book of music and text for the
Jewish calendar year was assembled by Cantor Rinder after
almost a half century of service to his congregation in San
Francisco. Over these years he also commissioned sacred services
for the Reform ritual from such leading Jewish composers as
Ernest Bloch, Darius Milhaud and Marc Lavry.
Some of the music and poetry collected in Eastern Europe
early in this century by the late Yiddish folklorist Y. L. Cahan
was compiled in
Yiddish Folksongs with Melodies
by editor
Max Weinreich and published in 1957 by the YIVO Institute
for Jewish Research. With a brief introduction in English as
well as in Yiddish, this 560-page book presents some fine
secular materials with many musical examples in unaccompanied
melody lines. This is only the smaller part of the comprehensive
collection by Cahan which had been prepared for a six-volume
publication by YIVO in Vilna, in 1939. Most of the original
manuscript was lost when the European YIVO archives were
destroyed by the Nazis.
In 1948 CYCO Bicher Farlag, under the sponsorship of the
Congress for Jewish Culture, published
Songs of the Ghettos
and Concentration Camps,
a text and melody collection com-
piled by Sh. Kaczerginsky and edited by H. Leivick with
musical arrangements by M. Gelbart. This 358-page book of
poetry, with 70 pages of melody lines, is a precious legacy
from Jewish creativity during the holocaust era.
A Treasury of Jewish Folksongs,
selected and edited by Ruth
Rubin with piano settings by Ruth Post, was issued by Schocken
Books in 1950. Recently the same publisher released a paper-
back edition of this fine 224-page collection in which 110
Yiddish and Hebrew songs are presented with English
The music educator Harry Coopersmith compiled
The Songs
We Sing,
published in 1950 by the United Synagogue Com-
mission on Jewish Education. As selected and edited by Cooper-
smith, this 450-page handsomely printed book presents in
Hebrew, Yiddish, and with English translations, 265 Jewish
songs of religious holidays and festivals, Zionism, and favorite
folksongs. Excellent piano accompaniments were prepared for
this publication by many outstanding Jewish musicians.