Page 47 - Jewish Book Annual Volume 23

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— J
ew ish
it era tu r e
The current American musical scene, the most fruitful in
general musical history, includes many active musicians of
Jewish parentage who are involved in all types of musical
activity and expression. In recent years an increasing number
have devoted some of their time and talents to Jewish music,
thus contributing in a measure to the enrichment of a new
American-Jewish musical heritage. Most significant is the smaller,
yet ever enlarging, group of skilled and dedicated Jewish
musicians serving Jewish music as cantors, music directors,
conductors, educators, performers, composers, research scholars,
music collectors, arrangers, writers and publishers. For the grow-
ing audiences to hear and enjoy this music, and for the mount-
ing numbers of readers for these new books about Jewish
music, much credit must be given to the National Jewish
Music Council of the National Jewish Welfare Board. Since
its formation in 1944, the Council has sponsored the annual
Jewish Music Festival and has actively promoted the advance-
ment of Jewish music in this country through its encouragement
of new musical ideas and its dissemination of much resourceful
In all, the past two decades have been an excellent beginning
to a golden age of Jewish musical creativity in America.