Page 60 - Jewish Book Annual Volume 23

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Melech Ravitch and Rachel Korn from Montreal; I. Z. Shargel
from Petah-Tikvah; Arye Shamri from Ein Shamir; and Jacob
Glantz from Mexico.
Yiddish circles in Israel are celebrating in 1965 the centenary
of modern Yiddish literature and the semi-centenary of the death
of Peretz, the central figure of the Yiddish renascence. Fifty years
ago Kiev, Warsaw and New York struggled for the hegemony
over Yiddish creativity. Twenty-five years ago the Kiev center
was in decline and the Warsaw center muted by the Nazi invaders.
New York reigned supreme. Today Tel Aviv has wrested the
leadership from New York and is certain to retain it ever more
firmly in the years ahead.