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ntro duc t io n
In a happ ier vein are Eisig Silberschlag’s “American Classics
in Hebrew T rans la tion ,” Moshe Starkman’s “A Decade of
Yiddish Literary Criticism,” R. Edelmann’s “T h e Jewish Collec­
tions in the Royal Library of Denmark,” Saul Wisemon’s “The
Library of T he Dropsie College,” and Mae Weine’s “Libraries
for the Jewish Layman.”
Basic to every volume of the
Jewish Book A nnua l
are the
bibliographies—American Jewish Non-Fiction Books, American
Jewish Fiction Books, American Jewish Juvenile Books, Amer­
ican Hebrew Books, Yiddish Books, Anglo-Jewish Books, and
Selected Books of Israel—which form as it were the scaffolding
supporting the structure of Jewish literary productivity in the
past year.
Seven literary anniversaries, encompassing a time span begin­
n ing with the 800th yahrzeit of Abraham ibn Ezra and reaching
up to the 50th yahrzeit of Mendele Mocher Sforim and of Shimon
Frug, are recorded in this volume. Happily, we are privileged
to honor David Ben-Gurion and Kadia Molodowsky on their
80th and 70th birthday, respectively. T o both of them the
editors extend felicitations and prayerful wishes for continued
literary activity.
T h e late A. A. Roback, aptly termed “chronicler of the Jewish
spirit in human culture,” is warmly yet tenderly eulogized by
a former pupil, Harry Zohn. I t is hard to accept the verdict
tha t this reservoir of erudition will no longer be available to
slake our thirst for knowledge.
Two irreparable losses saddened us during the past year.
Florence G. Heller, late president of the National Jewish Wel­
fare Board who for more than a quarte r century contributed
bountifully to philanthropic, educational, cultural and religious
causes, made a final pilgrimage ou t of the precincts of time into
the tabernacle of eternity.
Ou r distinguished Executive Board member and co-worker,
Samuel J. Borowsky, expired suddenly in Israel. Zionist leader,
em inent Hebrew educator, president and general secretary of
the National Council for Jewish Education, president of Hista-
d ru t Ivrit of America—his passing leaves a great void in the
cultural and spiritual life of Jewry.
We voice ou r profound sympathy with the families of our
two colleagues.
I l l
M indful of Samuel Ha-Nagid’s maxim, “Ingratitude to man
is ingratitude to God,” we sincerely acknowledge ou r debt to