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K ie v — A m e r i c a n Jew i s h N o n - F i c t i o n B o o k s
1 19
B u n im , I r v in g
M. Ethics from Sinai: vols. 2 & 3. New York, Feldheim, 1966.
Popular discourses on the text of Pirke Abot.
C a s so u , J e a n .
Chagall. New York, Praeger, 1965. 286
p .
Illustrated critical biography of the artist Marc Chagall.
C a sp e r , B e r n a r d M o ses .
Judaism today and yesterday. New York, Yoseloff,
1965. 128 p.
Popular essays on Jewish history and religious thought.
C e ln ik , M a x .
A bibliography on Judaism and Jewish-Christian relations.
New York, Anti-defamation League of B ’nai B ’rith, 1965. 68 p.
A selected annotated list of books on Jews and Judaism and the
relation of both to modern Christianity.
C o g n i a t , R a ym o n d .
Chagall. New York, Crown, 1965. 95 p.
With reproductions of some of Marc Chagall’s paintings.
C o h e n , B o a z .
Jewish and Roman law: a comparative study. New York,
Jewish Theological Seminary of America, 1966. 2 vols. 898, 22 p.
Essays on Jewish and Roman law and law and ethics in the light of
Jewish tradition, and scholarly monographs on the law of persons,
peculium, betrothal, contrectatio, specificatio, causation and arbitration,
among others.
C o h e n , L e n o r e .
Buried treasures in Bible lands. San Francisco, Ritchie,
1965. 225 p.
A popular account of archaeological discoveries in Israel.
C o l t o n , J o e l .
Leon Blum: humanist in politics. New York, Knopf, 1966.
512 p.
An extensive biography of France’s first Jewish premier.
C om a y , J o a n .
Everyone’s guide to Israel. Garden City, N.Y., Doubleday,
1966. 482 p.
Newly revised edition with latest maps for the traveller and student.
C o o p e r sm i th , H a r r y .
The new Jewish song book. New York, Behrman,
1965. 192 p.
C zudn ow sk i , M o sh e M .
The Israeli Communist party and the elections for
the fifth Knesset, 1961. Stanford, Calif., Hoover Institution, 1965. 101 p.
A political study jointly with Jacob
M .
D a a n e , J am e s .
The anatomy of anti-Semitism. Grand Rapids, Mich., Zonder-
van. 1965. 84 p. Paperbound reprint.
A Christian interpretation of the differences between gentile and Jew.
D a h o o d , M i t c h e l l .
(1-50). Garden City, N.Y., Doubleday, 1966.
329 p.
A new translation and commentary in the
Anchor Bible
D au b e , D av id .
Collaboration with tyranny in Rabbinic law. New York,
Oxford University Press, 1965. 104 p.
D a v is , S amm y .
can: the story of Sammy Davis, Jr . New York, Farrar,
Straus and Giroux, 1965. 612 p.
Autobiography of the versatile Negro entertainer.
D r i j v e r s , P iu s .
The Psalms, their structure and meaning. New York, Herder,
1965. 269 p.
A literary analysis of the Book of Psalms by a Catholic scholar.