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K iev — A m e r i c a n J ew i s h N o n - F i c t i o n B o o k s
F e u c h tw a n g e r , O s c a r .
Righteous lives. New York, Bloch, 1966. 170 p.
Studies in modern Jewish thought found in the writings of 42 Jewish
F e u e r , L ew i s S am u e l .
Spinoza and the rise of liberalism. Boston, Beacon,
1965. 323 p.
The influence of Spinoza’s philosophy on liberal religious and political
F i n l e y , M o ses I .
The Jewish war and other selected writings of Josephus.
New York, Twayne, 1966. 344 p.
Josephus’ life and history of the war against the Romans.
F r a n k f u r t e r , F e l i x .
Of law and men: papers and addresses, 1939-1956.
Hamden, Conn., Archon, 1965. 364 p.
A reprint of essays and lectures by the late justice of the U.S. Supreme
F r e u n d l i c h , C h a r l e s
H. Peretz Smolenskin: his life and thought. New York,
Bloch, 1966. 278 p.
A study of the emergence of Jewish nationalism in modern Hebrew
literature and the Haskalah movement.
F r i e d l a n d e r , G e r a l d ,
trans. Pirke de Rabbi Eliezer. New York, Hermon,
1965. 490 p.
A reprint of the English translation of this early Rabbinic work.
F r i e d l a n d e r , S a u l .
Pius X II and the Third Reich: a documentation. New
York, Knopf, 1966. 238 p.
A study of the Pope’s relations with Hitler’s Germany and its attitude
towards the Jews based on documents found in the German foreign
office after the war.
F r i e d m a n , L e o n a r d
S. The angel cometh: a biography of Samuel Friedman,
M.D. New York, Living Books, 1966. 158 p.
The life of a prominent New York physician, known on the East Side
as “Shabbes Friedman,” who was also an educator and inventor of
industrial safety devices.
F r i e d m a n , T h e o d o r e .
Judgement and destiny. New York, Jonathan David,
1965. 203 p.
Sermons for the modern Jew by the rabbi of Temple Beth El in South
Orange, New Jersey.
------- . Letters to college students. New York, Jonathan David, 1965. 223 p.
Communications by the rabbi to students from his congregation inter­
preting the meaning and relevance of Judaism for young people today.
F ru m k in , J a c o b , A r o n s o n , G r e g o r ,
G o ld e n w e i s e r , A l e x i s ,
eds. Russian
Jewry 1860-1917. New York, Yoseloff, 1966. 492 p.
Essays on the history, legal status, cultural life and Zionism of the
Russian Jews. Translated from the Russian by Mirra Ginsburg.
G a r b e l l , I r e n e .
The Jewish neo-Aramaic dialect of Persian Azerbaijan. New
York, Humanities Press, 1966. 342 p.
A phonological and grammatical study of the language with extensive
folklore material collected by the author and published for the first time.
G i l b e r t , A r t h u r . A
Jew in Christian America. New York, Sheed & Ward,
1966. 235 p.
The causes of anti-Semitism in America and the prospect for better
relations between religious groups, especially between Christians and Jews.