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e w i s h
o o k
n n u a l
G in sb u r c , C h r i s t i a n D av id .
Introduction to the massoretico-critical edition
of the Hebrew Bible. New York, Ktav, 1966. 1031 p.
The reprint of this scarce book contains a 45-page prolegomenon by
Harry M. Orlinsky, Professor of Bible at the Hebrew Union College-
Jewish Institute of Religion in New York, on the present state of the
text of the Hebrew Bible.
G in zb e rg , E l i .
Keeper of the law: Louis Ginzberg. Philadelphia, Jewish
Publication Society, 1966. 348 p.
A memoir of the life and influence of the famous professor of Talmud
at the Jewish Theological Seminary of America, written by his son who
is professor of economics at Columbia University.
------- . Agenda for American Jews. New York, Reconstructionist, 1965. 90 p.
Paperbound reprint.
G i t t e l s o h n , R o l a n d B e r t r a m .
Consecrated unto me: a Jewish view of love
and marriage. New York, Union of American Hebrew Congregations,
1965. 232 p.
A manual for young people on the ideals of Jewish family life and
sex education.
G l a n z , R u d o l f .
Jew and Irish: historic group relations and immigration.
New York, 1966. 159 p.
Peculiarity of the historic relations between Jews and Irish in America.
G l o c k , C h a r l e s Y . , a n d S t a r k , R o d n e y . C h r i s t ia n b e lie fs a n d A n t i -S em it i sm .
N ew Y o rk , H a r p e r & R ow ,
1966. 290
p .
A study made under the auspices of the Survey Research Center of the
University of California, showing how contemporary Christian teaching
is shaping society’s attitudes toward the Jews.
G l u e c k , N e l s o n .
Deities and dolphins. New York, Farrar, Straus & Giroux,
1965. 650 p.
A richly illustrated history of the Nabatean culture in ancient Palestine,
by the President of Hebrew Union College-Jewish Institute of Religion.
G o l d f a r b , S o lo m o n D av id .
Torah for our time: sermons and studies based on
Biblical texts for Sabbaths and holidays. New York, Bloch, 1965. 183 p.
G o ld e n , H a r r y .
A little girl is dead. Cleveland, World, 1965. 363 p.
The story behind the lynching of Leo Frank in Atlanta, Georgia,
in 1913.
G o ld m a n , B e r n a r d
J . The sacred portal: a primary symbol in ancient Judaic
art. Detroit, Wayne State University, 1966. 215 p. Plates.
An illustrated study of ancient Jewish symbols used in the temple and
in the post-biblical period and their relation to the art tradition of the
Western Christian world.
G o ld s t e in , D av id ,
trans. Hebrew poems from Spain. New York, Schocken,
1965. 185 p.
Translations of the poets of the “Golden Age” from 950-1200.
G o o d e n o u g h , E rw in
R. Jewish symbols in the Greco-Roman period: vol. 12.
New York, Pantheon, 1965. 217 p.
Summary and conclusion of the many theories about the influence of
Hellenistic forms on Jewish ritual and art.
G o rd is , R o b e r t .
The book of God and man: a study of Job. Chicago, Uni­
versity of Chicago, 1965. 389 p.
A new translation and commentary by the professor of Bible at the
Jewish Theological Seminary.