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K iev — A m e r i c a n J ew i s h N o n - F i c t i o n B o o k s
Jewish quarterly review: original series. Ed. by Solomon Schechter and Israel
Abrahams. New York, Ktav, 1966. 21 vols.
The reprint of this scholarly periodical has an index volume edited
by Isaiah Berger.
J i a n o u , I o n e l .
Zadkine. Greenwich, Conn., New York Graphic Society, 1966.
208 p.
A biography and appraisal with an exhaustive bibliography and
chronology of the sculptor.
J o n e s , C y r u s
W. Old Testament anecdotes in rhyme. New York, Exposition,
1965. 95 p.
Jo s e p h u s , F l a v i u s .
Jewish antiquities: vol. 9. Trans, by Louis H. Feldman.
Cambridge, Harvard University, 1965. 813 p.
The original Greek text edited with an English translation and
general index to the whole set in the Loeb Classical Library edition.
K a f k a , F r a n z .
The diaries. Ed. by Max Brod. New York, Schocken, 1965.
2 vols. Paperbound reprint.
K a g a n , B e n j am in .
The secret battle for Israel. Cleveland, World, 1966. 228 p.
The story of the volunteers who helped set up the Israeli air force
during the war of independence.
K a h n , E d w a rd J . , J r .
The world of Swope. New York, Simon & Schuster, 1965.
510 p.
A biography of the former editor of
The World,
Herbert Bayard Swope.
K am p f , A v r am .
Contemporary synagogue art: its development in the United
States, 1945-1965. New York, Union of American Hebrew Congregations,
1966. 276 p.
The work of famous architects, artists and sculptors is described and
illustrated with 300 photographs.
K a p l a n , C h a im A r o n .
Scroll of agony. Trans, and ed. by Abraham I. Katsh.
New York, Macmillan, 1965. 350 p.
The notebooks of a Hebrew diary written during the Nazi occupation
of the Warsaw ghetto.
K a p l a n , J o h n ,
W a l z , J o n
R. The trial of Jack Ruby. New York, Mac­
millan, 1965. 392 p.
An account of the trial in 1964 held in Dallas, Texas, for the homicide
of Oswald after the assassination of President Kennedy.
K a p l a n , M o rd e c a i M .
Not so random thoughts. New York, Reconstructionist
Foundation, 1966. 296 p.
Observations on society, religion and Jewish life in America.
K a r n o v s k y , E l i j a h u .
The economy of the Israeli kibbutz. Cambridge, Mass.,
Harvard University, 1966. 169 p.
A contribution to the Harvard Middle Eastern Monograph Series.
K a s h e r , M e n a h em M . ,
ed. Encyclopedia of Biblical interpretation: vol. 6.
Trans, under the editorship of Harry Freedman. New York, American
Biblical Encyclopedia Society, 1965. 267 p.
A translation of the Rabbinic commentaries on the Torah found in
the edition of
Torah Shelemah.
K a t z , M e n k e .
Land of manna. Chicago, Windfall Press, 1965. 96 p.
Poems by the well known Yiddish poet.