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e w i s h
o o k
n n u a l
K e l s o , J am e s .
Archaeology and our Old Testament contemporaries. Grand
Rapids, Mich., Zondervan, 1966. 192 p.
The role of archaeology in interpreting the Bible.
K e r t z e r , M o r r i s
N. What is a Jew? New York, Macmillan, 1966. 189 p.
Paperbound reprint.
K i t z i n g e r , E r n s t .
Israeli mosaics in the Byzantine period. New York, New
American Library, 1965. 24 p. 28 plates. Paperbound.
Art from ancient synagogues in Israel.
K l a p p h o l z , K u r t .
Living faith. New York, Bloch, 1966. 82 p.
A collection of essays on timely topics.
K l a s s , S h o lo m .
Responsa of modern Judaism. Brooklyn, The Jewish Press,
1965. 275 p.
Answers to various questions about religious practice among orthodox
K n i g h t , G e o r g e
A. F. Deutero-Isaiah. Nashville, Abingdon, 1965. 288 p.
A new translation and a critical commentary on Chaps. 40-55 of the
book of Isaiah.
K o h n , H a n s .
Living in a world revolution: my encounters with history. New
York, Pocket Books, 1965. 211 p.
K o r n , B e r t r a m W a l l a c e ,
ed. Retrospect and prospect. New York, Central
Conference of American Rabbis, 1965. 272 p.
Essays on Reform Judaism in commemoration of the 75th anniversary
of the founding of the Central Conference of American Rabbis.
K r a e l i n g , E m i l
G. Commentary on the prophets. Camden, N.J., Nelson, 1966.
2 vols. 543; 335 p.
Based on the translation in the revised standard version.
K r a t z e n s t e in , J o s s e f
J . The age of idolism. New York, Jonathan David,
1965. 191 p.
Mankind’s existential problem contrasted with the age of Israel
representing the anti-idolistic concept of life and history.
K r e s h , P a u l .
American Judaism
reader. New York, Abelard-Schuman,
1965. 320 p.
A collection of articles and poetry from the publication of the Union
of American Hebrew Congregations,
American Judaism.
K r i t z e c k , J am e s .
Sons of Abraham: Jews, Christians and Moslems. Baltimore,
Helicon, 1965. 126 p.
A treatment of the problems and possible dialogue in the relationship
between the three communities to encourage an ecumenical attitude for
“the seed of Abraham.”
K u n s t l e r , W i l l i a m M o ses .
Deep in my heart. New York, Morrow, 1966. 384 p.
Autobiography of a lawyer involved in the struggle for civil rights in
L am m , N o rm a n .
A hedge of roses: Jewish insights into marriage and married
life. New York, Feldheim, 1966. 92 p.
An exposition of Jewish ideals of marriage and family purity.