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K iev — A m e r i c a n Jew i s h N o n - F i c t i o n B o o k s
L a n d i s , J o s e p h
C., ed. and trans. The dybbuk and other great Yiddish plays.
New York, Bantam, 1966. 356 p. Paperbound.
Included are: The Dybbuk by S. Anski, God of Vengeance by Sholem
Asch, Green Fields by Peretz Hirshbein, King David and His Wives by
David Pinski, and The Golem by H. Leivick.
L e a n e y , A . R . C .
The rule
o f
Qumran and its meaning. Philadelphia, West­
minster, 1966. 310 p.
An introduction and extensive commentary to the “Manual of Disci­
pline” found among the Dead Sea scrolls.
L e a r s i , R u f u s
(Goldberg, Israel). Israel: a history of the Jewish people.
Cleveland, World, 1966. 736 p. Paperbound edition.
L e h m a n , E m i l .
Israel, idea and reality. New York, United Synagogue Com­
mission on Jewish Education, 1965. 236 p.
A revised edition of a book for use in adult education study.
L e n c h , C h a r l e s
H. Daniel and the Hebrew children: a dramatic verse version
of the Biblical story. New York, Exposition, 1966. 62 p.
------- . The love story of Ruth and Boaz: a dramatic verse version of the
Biblical story. New York, Exposition, 1966. 71 p.
L e v i , R a p h a e l
N. Leket Shoshanim: A Jewish miscellany for every Jewish
home. New York, 1965. 72 p.
Blessings and prayers according to the Sephardic tradition.
L e v y , R a p h a e l .
Contribution a la lexicographique Francaise selon d’anciens
textes d’origine Juive. Syracuse, Syracuse University, 1965. 658 p.
Old French words found in Jewish texts.
L i e b e r , J o e l .
Israel on five dollars a day. New York, Arthur Frommer, 1965.
293 p. Paperbound.
A handy travel guide for young people.
L i e b e rm a n , C h a im . A h ou s e o n fire . N ew Y o rk , C h a im L ie b e rm a n F o u n d a ­
t io n ,
1965. 256 p.
A plea for intensive Jewish education to combat assimilation of
American Jews.
L ie bm a n , J o s h u a L o t h .
Peace of mind. New York, Simon & Schuster, 1965.
186 p. Paperbound reprint.
L i t v i n , B a r u c h .
Jewish identity: modern responsa and opinions on the
registration of children of mixed marriages. Ed. by Sidney
B .
New York, Feldheim, 1965. 420 p.
Based on the discussion begun in Israel on “Who is a Jew?”
L i t v i n o f f , B a r n e t . T o
the house of their fathers: a history of Zionism. New
York, Praeger, 1965. 311 p.
L y o n s , E u g e n e .
David Sarnoff. New York, Harper & Row, 1966. 359 p.
A biography of the head of the Radio Corporation of America from
his beginnings as an immigrant boy through his career in radio, TV and
communications assignments during the war.
M a im on id e s , M o ses .
On the degree of charity. Introduction by Abraham
Cronbach. Cincinnati, Society of Jewish Bibliophiles, 1965.
A keepsake for members of the society.