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O n d e rw y z e r , J o s e p h .
Mavoch: the Hebrew word for labyrinth. New York,
Bloch, 1965. 192; 28 p.
O r e n s t e i n , W a l t e r .
Shaliah tzibur be-Halakhah: the cantor’s manual
o f
Halakhah. New York, Cantorial Council of America, Yeshiva University,
1965. 167 p.
A guide to Jewish ritual and services in the synagogue.
P a t t e r s o n , D av id .
Abraham Mapu. New York, Yoseloff, 1965. 178 p.
A study of the writings of the first Hebrew novelist of the Haskalah
period in modern Hebrew literature.
ear lm an
o sh e
Ben Gurion looks back. New York, Simon & Schuster,
1965. 260 p.
Reminiscences of Ben Gurion as revealed in interviews with the author.
P e a r lm a n , M o sh e ,
Y a n n a i , Y a a c o v .
Historical sites in Israel. New York,
Vanguard, 1965. 247 p.
An illustrated guide to archeological places in Eretz Israel.
P i l c h , J u d a h ,
ed. Jewish education register and directory: vol. 3. New York,
American Association for Jewish Education, 1965. 144 p.
P l a u t ,
G u n t h e r .
The case for the chosen people. Garden City, Double­
day, 1965. 216 p.
A liberal rabbi’s philosophy of Jewish history to which is added a
personal memoir which led him from the practice of law in Germany
to the rabbinate in America.
------- . The growth of reform Judaism. New York, World Union for Progres­
sive Judaism, 1965. 383 p.
Excerpts from the writings and prayer books of the leading spokesmen
in Europe and America until the year 1948.
P o d h o r e t z , N o rm a n .
reader. New York, Atheneum, 1966.
800 p.
An anthology of articles and stories selected from the magazine
by its editor.
P o l i a k o v , L e o n .
The history of anti-Semitism: vol. 1. Trans, from French.
New York, Vanguard, 1965. 340 p.
The period covered in this volume is from the first to the seventeenth
P o r t e o u s , N o rm a n
W. Daniel: a commentary. Philadelphia, Westminster,
1965. 173 p.
A study devoted primarily to the religious and theological elements
of the prophecies.
P o s t a l , B e r n a r d , S i l v e r , J e s s e ,
S i l v e r , R o y .
Encyclopedia of Jews in
sports. New York, Bloch, 1965. 526 p.
The records of Jewish amateur and professional athletes in every
country with illustrations of important sports events.
P o t t e r , C h a r l e s F r a n c i s .
Did Jesus write this book? New York, University
Books, 1966. 159 p.
A complete translation of “The Book of the Secrets of Enoch” from
the Pseudepigrapha and an attempt to prove that Jesus may have
written or dictated this work.
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