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K ie v — A m e r i c a n Jew i s h N o n - F i c t i o n B o o k s
P o w d e rm a k e r , H o r t e n s e .
Stranger and friend: the way of anthropologist.
New York, Norton, 1966. 288 p.
A combination of autobiography and description of the profession and
teaching of modern anthropology.
P r i n z , J o a c h im .
Popes from the ghetto. New York, Horizon, 1966. 256 p.
The story of the three popes of Jewish descent during the 11th and
12th centuries.
Procedings of the American Academy for Jewish Research: vol. 33. New
York, 1965. 82; 65 p.
Scholarly papers by W. J. Fischel on the immigration of Arabian Jews
to India in the 18th century; on
by M. Perlmann; and Arthur
Zuckerman’s research on the Nasi of Frankland in the 9th century. The
Hebrew section contains studies of inscriptions and manuscrips by Z.
Avneri, A. Habermann and Jose Faur.
Proceedings of the Rabbinical Assembly of America, 1965: vol. 29. New
York, 1965. 173 p.
The Psalms. Trans, and commentary by Samson Raphael Hirsch. Vol. II:
Books 3, 4, 5. English trans. by Gertrude Hirschler. New York, Feldheim,
1966. 500 p.
R a b in , A l b e r t
I. Growing up in the Kibbutz. New York, Springer, 1965. 230 p.
A sociological study comparing the personality of children raised in
the Kibbutz with children who were family-reared.
R a b in o w i t z , L o u i s
I. Light and salvation: sermons for the high holy days.
New York, Bloch, 1965. 349 p.
By the former chief rabbi of the United Jewish Congregation of
Johannesburg, South Africa.
R a d , G e r h a r d
v o n
Old Testament theology: vol. 2. New York, Harper &
Row, 1965. 470 p.
------- . The problem of the Hexateuch and other essays. New York, McGraw-
Hill, 1966. 340 p.
R a s k a s , B e r n a r d
S. Beacons of light: thoughts for special days and occasions.
New York, Bloch, 1965. 263 p.
R e e d , W a l t e r
E., and
Sand , F a y .
Contract with God. New York, Four Seasons,
1965. 144 p.
A Jewish couple have written their own popular appraisal of the Jew­
ish faith and its meaning for today.
R e i f , J o s e p h
A. and
L e v in s o n , H a n n a .
Hebrew—basic course. Washington,
D.C., United States Government Printing Office, 1966. 542 p.
An intensive course originally given at the Foreign Service Institute of
the U.S. State Department for government personnel.
R e u b e n , W i l l i a m .
The Mark Fein case. New York, Dial, 1966. 288
p .
A review of the court proceedings and evidence against a man who
was tried for murder in the New York courts.
R e u m a n n , J o h n
H. P. The romance of Bible scripts and scholars: chapters
in the history of Bible transmission and translation. Englewood Cliff,
N. J., Prentice-Hall, 1965. 248 p.
R e z n i k o f f , C h a r l e s .
Testimony: the United States recitative 1885-1890.
New York, New Directions, 1966. 115 p.
A portrayal in verse of the emergence of a new society on American
soil at the close of the 19th century.