Page 143 - Jewish Book Annual Volume 24

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— A
mer ican
ew ish
ict ion
T u d o r , T a s h a ,
illustrator. The Twenty-third psalm. Worcester, Mass.,
A. J . St. Onge, 1965.
An illustrated miniature book.
T u s h n e t , L e o n a r d . T h e
uses of adversity. New York, Yoseloff, 1966. 108
p .
An account of the scientific study of the effects of starvation made by
Jewish doctors who worked in the Warsaw ghetto.
U n t e rm e y e r , L o u i s .
Bygones: the recollections. New York, Harcourt, Brace
& World, 1965. 260 p.
Autobiography of the American Jewish poet.
V e l ik o v s k y , Im m a n u e l ,
S t e c c h i n i , L iv i o
C. The Velikovsky affair: the
warfare of science and scientism. New Hyde Park, N.Y., University Books,
1966. 256 p.
A defense of the scientific theories* of Dr. Velikovsky about the recon­
struction of events in ancient times.
V i s h n i a c , R om a n .
Polish Jews: a pictorial record. New York, Schocken, 1965.
17 p. 31 photographs. Paperbound reprint.
Contains an introduction by Abraham J . Heschel on the spiritual life
of the Jews in Poland.
W a r d , J am e s
M. Hosea: a theological commentary. New York, Harper & Row,
1966. 264 p.
A new translation with textual, critical, philological and historical
notes by the professor of Old Testament at the Perkins School of
Theology, Dallas, Texas.
W e i g l e , L u t h e r
A. The Genesis octapla: eight English versions of the book
of Genesis in the Tyndale-King James tradition. New York, Nelson,
1965. 301 p.
Eight modern English translations printed side by side.
W e in g r o d , A l e x .
Israel: group relations in a new society. New York, Praeger,
1965. 82 p.
A brief history of the State of Israel and the composition of the non-
European groups and the problems of meeting intergroup relations.
------- . Reluctant pioneers: village development in Israel. Ithaca, Cornell
University, 1966. 213 p.
A study of immigrants from Morocco in Israel.
W e i n r e i c h , M a x .
For Max Weinreich on his 70th birthday. New York,
Humanities Press, 1965. 527 p.
Studies in Yiddish language and literature and the sociology of the
Jews contributed by various scholars.
W i s c h n i t z e r , M a r k .
Jewish crafts and guilds. New York, Jonathan David,
1966. 324 p.
A documented history of the work done by Jewish artisans and Jewish
guilds of workers in Palestine, Babylonia and in the European countries.
W o l f , A r n o l d J a c o b ,
ed. Rediscovering Judaism: reflections on a new
theology. Chicago, Quadrangle, 1965. 288 p.
Essays by nine modern students of theology on the classical problems
of Jewish philosophical speculation.