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iba low
— A
mer ican
ew ish
K o s in sk i , J e r z y .
The painted bird. Boston, Houghton Mifflin, 1965. 272 p.
What happened to a six-year-old boy—and others—in Nazi-occupied
Poland when Germany controlled most of Europe.
L e b o w i t z , A l b e r t .
Laban’s will. New York, Random House, 1966. 274 p.
About a Jewish lawyer and his family relationships, written with
biblical parallels in mind.
L e v i , P r im o .
The reawakening. Boston, Little, Brown,
1 9 6 5 . 2 2 2 p .
An account of the travels of survivors of the concentration camp of
Auschwitz, written by an Italian Jew.
L e v in , M e y e r .
The stronghold. New York, Simon and Schuster, 1965. 319 p.
Selected as the best Jewish novel of the year by the Jewish Book
Council of America and winner of the Daroff Award. The veteran
novelist depicts the experiences of a dozen political leaders held by the
Germans as World War II is ending, and describes what happens when
a notable Jewish leader joins them in prison in a castle. Mr. Levin
concerns himself with German guilt, anti-Semitism and other contem­
porary and ancient issues.
M i c h e n e r , J am e s A .
The source. New York, Random House, 1965. 909
p .
A massive novel by a best-selling author, who tells his readers of
centuries of Jewish history through the device of an archeological dig
in Israel.
M o r r i s o n , L e s t e r M . ,
H u b l e r , R i c h a r d
G. Trial and triumph. New York,
Crown, 1965. 469 p.
An historical novel in which Maimonides, the great Jewish philosopher
and physician, is the hero.
M o r t o n , F r e d e r i c .
The Schatten affair. New York, Atheneum, 1965. 309 p.
A morality tale of a Jew who returns to Germany long after World
War II.
S am u e l , E dw in .
The cucumber king and other stories. New York, Abelard-
Schuman, 1965. 253 p.
Twenty short stories, half of them on Jews in Israel, Great Britain,
New Zealand and elsewhere in the world.
S in g e r ,
I. J . Yoshe Kalb. New York, Harper & Row, 1965. 246 p.
A re-issue of a famous novel by a noted Yiddish novelist; the story
of a pious Jew who becomes a beggar and wanders through Poland.
S o b e l , S am u e l .
A treasury of Jewish sea stories. New York, Jonathan David,
1965. 337 p.
Forty-four short stories, fiction blended with non-fiction, on sea tales
involving Jews. Navy Chaplain Sobel has included, as editor, stories by
noted writers (S. J . Agnon, Sholom Aleichem, Meyer Levin, Howard Fast,
Herman Wouk and Leon Uris) as well as by more obscure authors.
S p a rk , M u r i e l .
The Mandelbaum gate. New York, Knopf, 1965. 369 p.
The provocative British novelist focuses on Israel. Her characters
include Jews, Arabs, Englishmen, most of them confused about God
and religion.