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1 9 6 5 - 1 9 6 6
o p h i a
e d a r b a u m
B e a rm a n , J a n e .
David. New York, Jonathan David, 1965.
------- . Jonathan. New York, Jonathan David, 1965.
The above two books, illustrated by the author, present an uninspiring
treatment of oft-repeated events in the lives of these two friends.
(ages 6-9)
B e n -M e i r , Y o r a m . M y
Israel: from Dan to Eilat in colour. Drawn by H.
Hechtkopf. Tel Aviv, E. Lewin-Epstein, 1965.
This book is produced in a rather interesting format. The introduction
proposes a walk through the Israeli countryside and thereafter each
page has on it a series of (not very good) little pictures pertaining to
a certain area or subject, such as, the Galilee, life in a moshav, butter­
flies and reptiles, the Negev, etc., with brief one-line descriptions,
(ages 8-11)
C o h e n , H a r r y
A. A basic Jewish encyclopedia: Jewish teachings and practices
listed and interpreted in the order of their importance today. Hartford,
Conn., Hartmore House, 1965. 205 p.
A useful reference book, (ages 11 and up)
C o n e , M o l l y .
Who knows ten? Children’s tales of the Ten Commandments.
Ulus, by Uri Shulevitz. New York, Union of American Hebrew Congre­
gations, 1965. 105 p.
The excellent introduction by the author is betrayed by preachy,
moralistic explanations of each commandment plus a story which rarely
has anything to do with the commandment it is supposed to illustrate,
(ages 8-11)
C o o p e r sm i th , H a r r y ,
ed. The new Jewish song book. New York, Behrman,
1965. 192 p.
An attractive, balanced selection of old and new songs, including the
liturgical as well as the secular. Hebrew, Yiddish and English are used.
The melodic line is given for each song with chord symbols for har­
monization as well as methods for adding variety to the rendition,
(ages 10 and up)
D e R e g n i e r s , B e a t r i c e S c h e n k .
David & Goliath. Illus.
Richard Powers.
New York, Viking, 1965.
The author manages to impart a folkloristic flavor to a commonly
known biblical event while retaining the language of the Bible. The
illustrations are dramatic and freshly modern, (ages 5-8)