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e w i s h
o o k
n n u a l
E d e lm a n , M a u r i c e .
David: the story of Ben Gurion. Illus. with photographs.
New York, G. P. Putnam’s Sons, 1965. 214 p.
A factual and detailed biography of Israel’s first Prime Minister. The
usefulness of the book is increased by the inclusion of a glossary, index,
and a bibliography, (ages 11 and up)
E i s e n b e r g , A z r i e l ,
G l o b e , L e a h A in .
The Bas Mitzvah treasury. New
York, National Women’s League of the United Synagogue of America,
1965. 384 p.
A short story collection gathered from various Jewish sources that
deals with the virtues, history and mores pertaining to Jewish women,
(ages 11-14)
E i s e n b e r g , A z r i e l .
Feeding the world: a biography of David Lubin. Illus.
with drawings by Laszlo Mutalay and with photographs. New York,
Abelard-Schuman, 1965. 191 p.
The value of this rather tritely written biography lies in the fact that
little is known of this American founder of the International Institute
of Agriculture which later merged with the Food and Agricultural
Organization of the U.N. (ages 11 and up)
------- . Fill a blank page: a biography of Solomon Schechter. Illus. with
photographs. New York, United Synagogue Commission on Jewish Edu­
cation, 1965. 114 p.
A rather bland biographical record of Schechter’s life from childhood
to death, (ages 11 and up)
F e d e r - T a l , K a r a h .
The ring. Trans, from Dutch by Adrienne Dixon. Illus.
by Tsofia Langer. New York, Abelard-Schuman, 1965. 192 p.
This is a plausible story growing out of the environment of a frontier
town in the Negev which involves a loss, a search, and an unusual
ending. The book provides a good picture of how folks from various
countries live together on one street, (ages 9-12)
F l i n k e r , M o sh e .
Young Moshe’s diary: the spiritual torment of a Jewish
boy in Nazi Europe. Introduction by Shaul Esh and Geoffry Wigoder.
Jerusalem, Yad Vashem, 1965. 126 p.
The diary of a 16-year-old Orthodox Dutch boy who died in Ausch­
witz. His thoughts while in hiding are of a more mature and philosophical
nature than Anne Frank’s, (ages 12 and up)
F r e e h o f , L i l l i a n
S. The captive rabbi: the story of R. Meir Rothenberg. Illus.
by Albert Gold. Philadelphia, Jewish Publication Society, 1965. 196 p.
(Covenant series)
The book depicts clearly and simply the life and problems of the
wealthy European Jews of the thirteenth century through the trials and
tribulations of one of the great Jewish rabbis and scholars, (ages 9-12)
G i t t e l s o h n , R o l a n d
B. Consecrated unto me: a Jewish view of love and
marriage. Illus. by William B. Steinel. New York, Union of American
Hebrew Congregations, 1965. 232 p.
A succinct, sensible discussion of modern teen-age sex and marriage
problems handled within the framework of Jewish history, culture,
religion and modern life. The author includes case studies and questions
designed to help the student and teacher, (ages 13 and up)
G o o dm a n , H a n n a h G r a d .
The story of prophecy. Ed. by Eugene Borowitz.
Illus. by Eli Levin and Robert Cenedella. Maps by Stephen Kraft. New
York, Behrman, 1965. 248 p.
An attractive, scholarly, somewhat pretentious study of the prophets.
Each of the three main sections—“The men who knew,” “The men who