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C e d a rb a um — A m e r i c a n J ew i s h J u v e n i l e B o o k s
remembered,” and “The men who restored”—deals with the historical
period including the socio-political background and the religious situa­
tion and the contributions of the individual prophets, (ages 11 and up)
um b in e r
, J
H. Leaders of our people: book II. Illus. by David Stone.
New York, Union of American Hebrew Congregations, 1965. 261 p.
Twenty-three short fictionalized biographies beginning with Louis de
Torres and going through David Ben Gurion. A section of facts, addi­
tional readings, and things to think about and to do follows each
biography, (ages 9-11)
H o lm , A n n e .
North to freedom. Trans, from Danish by L. W. Kingsland.
New York, Harcourt, Brace & World, 1965. 190 p.
Although 12-year-old David, liberated from a concentration camp and
sent on his way north by a camp guard, is never designated as a Jew,
one has a feeling that this very moving allegorical tale is a “Jewish” story,
(ages 11-13)
, A
, L
H. The voice of wisdom: a guide to the
Wisdom Literature of the Bible for youths and adults. Cleveland, Bureau
of Jewish Education, 1965. 204 p.
A well-organized, clear textbook dealing with
Proverbs, Job
“Questions for discussion” based on modern living are in­
cluded as an aid to the student and to the teacher, (ages 12 and up)
, M
o n t y
The birth of the Israel Air Force: the story of Israel’s pioneer
airmen. New York, Shulsinger Bros., 1965. 108 p.
An adequate, uninspired, fictionalized account of how the IAF de­
veloped during the War of Liberation, (ages 9-12)
a r p
, D
ebo rah
Heroes of Jewish thought. New York, Ktav, 1965. 176
p .
Beginning with the “Age of the Talmud” and going through “The
Golden Age of Judaism,” “Preservers of the Faith” and “Beginnings of
the Modern Age,” Mrs. Karp presents a fine overview of each period
and discusses selected persons individually. A useful, well-organized
and well-written book, (ages 10-13)
, S
im c h a
The mighty warrior: the life story of Menachem Ussishkin.
New York, Jonathan David, 1965. 148 p.
A good biography of a rarely written about key personage of the
early Zionist movement that relates his activities to the history of the
movement and to the historical environment, (ages 12 and up)
The Lord is my Shepherd: the twenty-third psalm. Illus. by Tony Palazzo.
New York, Walck, 1965.
Each phrase of the psalm is illustrated wih a lovely animal picture;
some appropriate, others rather incongruous, (ages 5-8)
a lm e r
, G
e o f f r e y
Quest for the Dead Sea scrolls. Illus. in color by Peter
Forster. New York, John Day, 1965. 88 p.
A staid account of a fascinating find wherein the author, a headmaster
in a London school, is particularly concerned with the significance of
the scrolls to the study and development of Christianity, (ages 11-13)
P o s t a l , B e r n a r d , S i l v e r , J e s s e , an d S i l v e r , R o y . E n c y c lo p a e d ia o f Jew s in
sp o r ts . F o r ew o rd b y A b ra h am R ib ico f f . N o te o n sp o r ts in T a lm u d i c
l i t e r a tu r e by S o lom on B . F re e h o f . N ew Y o rk , B lo c h ,
1965. 526
p . (ages
u p )